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Biden's Title IX Rewrite: A Betrayal of Women's Rights

As I read through the recent changes to Title IX proposed by the Biden administration, I couldn't help but feel a surge of anger and disappointment. These revisions, touted as progressive steps forward, are nothing short of a betrayal of women's rights.

Let's start with the redefinition of "sex" as "gender identity." This seemingly innocuous change has far-reaching consequences. By blurring the lines between biological sex and self-identified gender, the administration opens the floodgates for males who identify as females to invade female-only spaces. Bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams, once sanctuaries for women, are now vulnerable to intrusion by biological males. This erasure of women's privacy and safety is not progress—it's regression.

But the assault on basic rights doesn't stop there. The removal of due process protections for those accused of misconduct is equally alarming. Under the guise of protecting victims, the administration has empowered campus bureaucrats to adjudicate cases of sexual assault without regard for the rights of the accused. This kangaroo court system not only undermines the principle of innocent until proven guilty but also perpetuates a culture of fear and mistrust on college campuses.

And what about the insistence that we "believe all women"? While noble in intention, this mantra ignores the complexity of human interactions and reduces women to helpless victims in need of protection. It's a slap in the face to the countless women who have fought for agency and autonomy, only to have their voices silenced by paternalistic paternalism.

In the end, Biden's Title IX rewrite is not about progress or equality—it's about power. It's about appeasing special interest groups at the expense of women's rights. As a woman and a passionate advocate for human rights, I refuse to stay silent in the face of such injustice. It's time to stand up, speak out, and demand better.

T Saunders

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