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Copy of Mondays With Mullane ep33 - Albanese Aint Easy

Australia has had past prime ministers from the Liberal and Labor parties. These former prime ministers have been incompetent liars, weak, lazy, duplicitous, backstabbing, contemptuous, arse lickers, arrogant arseholes. Albanese displays all of these traits. So do his ministers; most have never worked in private enterprise or run a business. Most are ex-union officials. Andrew Giles FFS 153 illegal migrants released into the community. The court ruled to release only one. The result was an elderly couple bashed up during a home invasion another person stabbed to death. These illegals are rapists, drug dealers, and paedophiles guilty of assaults, domestic violence. A fifth of those released have committed more crimes.

Andrew Giles stated they are monitored by drone, then retracted that statement, "Er no, I made a mistake; they are not tracked by drone." Before entering parliament, Andrew Giles was a migration lawyer working hard to enable illegals to acquire permanent residence. He brought in the Parliament Act of Direction 99 that if the illegal migrant had ties to Australia, they could stay regardless of the severity of their crime. Andrew Giles granted a visa to an illegal Sudanese with a long rap sheet. This Sudanese said he identified as an Aboriginal. Albanese staunchly defends his manifestly incompetent minister, Andrew Giles.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen, unemployable in private enterprise, is hell-bent on wrecking the Australian economy. The Labor Government will compulsorily resume massive tracks of prime agricultural land to install wind factories called farms and solar installations, again called the gentle term solar farms. Remember Chris Bowen's ute tax increasing the cost of Australia's most popular vehicles by up to $18,000? I, like all Australians, am waiting for my $275 cheaper electricity promised 94 times pre-election by Anthony Albanese, "Evwy Aothwthralyan will weciece $275 chepa ewecktwicity."

Tanya Piibersek, Minister for the Environment, or say no to any mining project and close down existing mining. Plibersek is bitter that she never obtained the top job, maybe because her husband is a convicted drug dealer and ex-jailbird. However, Labor contacts secured hubby a plum, high-paying government job his past criminal record wasn't a barrier.

Bill Shorten, the accused rapist the left media chose not to pursue with the same enthusiastic vigour they pursued Liberal politicians accused of sexual indiscretions. I seem to remember Anthony Albanese being caught in a Thai brothel. Does he have a picadillo for 'Lady Boys'? This revelation contradicts those people who said, "Albo couldn't get a fuck in a brothel with a $100 note in his hand." When Albanese announced his engagement, ex-Qantas CEO Alan Joyce cried nonstop for a week.

Back to the Minister for NDIS, one of the most significant opportunities ever afforded dishonest rorters. We have witnessed Federal Police raids on rorters. People accused of a crime sometimes cover their faces with jumpers, umbrellas, and papers. Most NDIS rorters are already covered up, just their eyes showing, dressed head to toe in black, and screaming discrimination. The NDIS has made providers overnight millionaires, praying on their hands and knees and preying on the misery of vulnerable people. They have found paradise only thing missing is the 72 virgins. It has been reported that $2 billion has been rorted by NDIS providers on drugs and prostitution. Bill Shorten, the ex-union thug, is incompetent in this portfolio or any fucking portfolio.

Australia's Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, got the gig under the Labor Patry affirmative action programme; she ticked all the boxes, excuse the pun, I said ticked, not licked. Wong was a shoo-in overqualified: a female, a person of colour and a lesbian. Wong must be an embarrassment when representing Australia. Wong insists on ground-floor hotel accommodation if she ever has to visit the Middle East. Wong travels the world, giving millions of Australian taxpayer money to third-world shitholes run by corrupt governments—definition of foreign aid. Foreign aid is when the poor people of a rich country give money to the rich people of a poor country. While on the subject of wasted money, don't forget the Voivce Referendum, $450 million wasted. How many homes would that money have built?

The Labor-appointed ministers most obtained their positions through factions and affirmative diversity policies. The Labor front bench consists of the token Muslim, Aboriginal, and lots of incompetent females whose only contribution seems to be standing behind Albanese or another more literate minister, head nodding. The Labor policy of pre-selection of a female vote is worth one and a half male votes. This has resulted in a plethora of female politicians whose only qualification was the possession of a vagina. A job male Labor politicians are perfectly qualified for is a permanent donor to a sperm bank. Then again, they should be prevented from breeding.

Now let's examine some monumental fuck-ups; word counts prevent me from listing all—Bill Shortens speech writer $650,000 annually. I would do it for half that price. I mean, how hard is it to write bullshit? Immigration last year: 650,000 new immigrants, 385,000 this year. Australia has a housing crisis. Where are these new arrivals going to reside? A majority of these arrivals are Indians on a student visa. They pay an unaccredited college for a degree not recognised by anyone; most don't even attend and pay the fees they will pass with honours. It is simply a path to permanent residence. A question: how many Uber Drivers, taxi drivers, trolley picker-uppers, and 7/11 attendants do we need?

 Housing Labor The Federal Government has spent $30 million on the Future Housing Fund without building one home. $24 million was paid to external consultants, $6 million to annual executives' salaries, and $16 million for legal IT and advisory contracts. The highest-paid executive, Nathan Bon, paid $557,000. A joke. How many homes would $30 million build?

Speaking of money wasted, Albanese has gifted $600  million to Papua New Guinea to form a Rugby League team. I'm sure the Australians living in tents and their cars, the families struggling with mortgage payments, putting food on the table and petrol in their vehicles. These Aussies are as excited as the New Guinea politicians are. The new team will be called 'The New Guinea Head Hunters. Their slogan is, We eat our opponents. How many homes would $600 million build?

To great fanfare, Anthony Albanese announced a programme to revive manufacturing in Australia. Albanese is delusional. The Labor Party, in conjunction with their masters, the criminal trade unions, destroyed manufacturing in Australia. They achieved utopian conditions for workers regarding pay, shorter working hours, annual leave, superannuation, plus. The criminal CFMEU recently negotiated a yearly pay rate for the person on the stop-go flag of $200,00 fuck getting a trade or studying for a uni degree. Become a stop-go oligist. Trouble was manufacturing became unviable in Australia. We make fuck all, not even copy paper. Our manufacturing is decimated because of high costs.

 We no longer manufacture tyres; Dunlop, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Olympic closed down. Our oil refineries closed down. In Sydney at Kurnell Caltex. Botany Bay Mobile, Clyde the most significant Shell. We buy refined petrol from Singapore. Australian car and truck manufacturing closed down. The ex-boss of Ford, Alan Mulally stated when announcing the closure of the Ford plants in Australia. Ford can make vehicles in Asia four times cheaper than in Australia; his following statement was most profound: we can make cars in Europe for half the price of Australia. Ford European vehicle plants are in Dagenham, UK and Cologne, Germany, hardly third world countries.

Albanese, never having worked in a private enterprise position, has no fucking idea. The costs of running a business in Australia are prohibitive. In fairness, it's not only high wages. Some costs severely restrict profit: payroll tax, an average of 7% salary including superannuation, land tax, and high energy costs, high fuel costs. Albanese's increasing the diesel excise fuel tax showed his total ignorance. For every item in your home, all items on a supermarket shelf were delivered by diesel trucks. Meanwhile, the hospitality industry, restaurants, and pubs are closing in huge numbers, high electricity and gas, and the exponential wage rises under a union-controlled Labor Party have signed their death knell.

It must be remembered the Albanese Labor government received only 32% of the primary vote under Australia's convoluted election scheme. The Labor Party is no longer a party of the workers. The Labor Party now caters to inner-city woke wankers. They should change their names to the wokester party.  

The Australian Labor Party is between a rock and a hard place regarding the war in Gaza. On the one hand, they don't want to upset the  Muslims in South Western Labor seats by backing Israel, and they don't want to upset the Jews by criticising Israel and losing millions in Jewish donations. The countries  Ireland, Norway and Spain have recognised a Palestinian state. Their respective governments have a conscience. The slaughter of 36,000 civilians, including 16,000 children, is wrong. How can countries condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and not the genocide of Palestinians? Albanese, grow a set of balls and stop being the insipid lisping fuckwit you currently are.

Under The Labor Party, people have experienced 13 interest rate rises in the last two years, and fuel and grocery costs have risen exponentially. Economists predict Australia will enter a recession; this is consistent with nearly every Labor government fucking the economy. However, fellow Australians, fear not: our leader, Anthony I have a plan, Albanese, has a plan he has lots of plans never implemented. Did I mention an increase in boat arrivals by illegal immigrants? Yes, under the Gillard/Rudd government policy of open borders, 50,000 illegal arrivals are welfare-dependent for life.

The opposition has lost direction; turn extreme right or be a bit left. Lefties and greenies have infiltrated the Liberal party, and this is evidenced by the fact the Liberals lost three outstanding female candidates because those women were politically incorrect by opposing the trans phenomenon. Catherine Deeves, Dai Li, and Moira Deeming. Dai Li is now an independent, having won a safe labor seat.

The choice for Australian voters is, well fuck what choice? However, look at the two parties' philosophies, not so much their policies. The Australian Labor Party is a socialist party. Socialism has failed in every country that tried socialism. The once communist countries have reverted to a free enterprise economy. The definition of a Socialist is Someone with fuckall who wants to share it with everyone else. To quote Margret Thatcher, "Eventually, Socialists run out of other people's money." The Liberal National coalition is still preferable only because they are a party that believes in the free enterprise system.

So next election, the choice is to vote for the Labor/Green coalition. The candidates are ex-union hacks, females Labor candidates whose prime qualification is a vagina or the wife of a union official or nutcase greenies who overindulge in the wacky backie. The alternative is a vote for the Liberal-National coalition, a failed farmer, or a middle-class twat who has attended an elite private school. The hypocrisy of Labor: most Labor politicians send their children to private schools. Speaking of hypocrisy, Anthony Albanese evicted his tenant. So how can Albanese stand up and sing the revolutionary workers song 'The International' while being a hated capitalist landlord?

I believe the best form of government is a benevolent dictator, joking only joking. However, our democracy is flawed when a party with only 32% votes can form a government. Something is drastically wrong it should be first past the post.

A tribute to Australians despite governments run by the greatest fuckwits. Australia has prospered in past decades; businesses, small and large, have overcome crippling taxes, red tape public service incompetence, laws specifically designed to hamper and restrict business, and taxes that have nothing to do with profit.

We should legislate aspiring politicians' compulsory qualications. For example, a successful business person, a doctor, a degree in economics. They were not preselected based on factions, gender, or union affiliations. Select real people who are high achievers in their respective areas of expertise.

Ask yourself this question regarding some or most politicians if they weren't in parliament. What job profession would they do? Anthony Albanese, supermarket shelf stacker. Chris Bowen, assembly line work at a sheltered workshop; Penny Wong, waitress Chinese restaurant, nail artist, Andrew Giles. Suburban conveyancing, Jim Chalmers, local football club treasurer; Tony Burke, unemployable; Tanya Plibersek, drug counsellor; Linda Burney, welcome to the country organiser; Bill Shorten return to being a union thug. No labor politician was ever a high achiever before entering parliament. The fact is that factions' affirmative action union affiliations are how they got into parliament.

The Liberal Nationals have some right fuckwits also, extreme religious nut jobs, incompetent lefties traitors. Malcolm Turnbull is a classic example, and Matt Kean is greener than true blue.

So, fellow citizens, you don't have much choice. As previously stated, the facts are Labor is a socialist party hell-bent on destroying business and implementing a socialist system of government. The Liberals Nationals, for all their shortcomings, are a private enterprise party, which is far more beneficial than a socialist party. 

Love as always Danny

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