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From Subway Experiments to COVID-19: A Dark History of Government Testing

Hey there, folks. Jesse Saunders here, and today, we're diving into a history that might leave you questioning just how much you trust the government. You see, while some might dismiss conspiracy theories about government-linked leaks, history tells a different story.

Let's roll back the clock to June 6, 1966. Picture this: US Army scientists, infiltrating the bustling New York City subway, carrying boxes filled with light bulbs packed with trillions of bacteria. Yeah, you heard that right. They were about to unleash Bacillus subtilis bacteria, thinking it was harmless, to simulate biological weapons. Oh, and they didn't bother asking the commuters for their consent.

Now, this might sound like a sci-fi plot, but it's not. It was one of the 239 experiments conducted in a "germ warfare testing program" that ran from 1949 to 1969. And here's the kicker: it was all done on civilians. Talk about a Nuremberg Code violation.

Fast forward to today, and we're dealing with COVID-19 conspiracy theories. Some say it's a government leak, a wild idea, right? But remember, the government's track record isn't squeaky clean.

The New York experiments in '66 were insane. Trillions of bacteria hurled onto subway tracks, engulfing commuters as trains left the station. People brushed bacteria off their clothes and went on their way. No biggie, right? Wrong.

According to Army scientists, it took just 4-13 minutes for passengers to be exposed. By the end of the experiment, over a million people had breathed in those bacteria. Still think government leaks are too crazy to be true?

This germ warfare program was unveiled in the '70s, thanks to FOIA requests and brave scientists testifying before Congress. One scientist even hinted that if they'd used a more dangerous agent, New York City could've been crippled.

All this information is contained in the declassified documents outlining all of these tests in "US ARMY ACTIVITY IN THE US - BIOLOGICAL WARFARE PROGRAMS VOLUME 1 - DATED FEBRUARY 24, 1977." It's a mind-boggling read that'll make you question what else might be lurking in the shadows.

Now, I'm not saying COVID-19 is a government plot, but when history reveals such chilling secrets, it's hard not to wonder. So, my friends, always question, always seek the truth, and remember, the government isn't always your friendly neighbor.

And Remember:

Trust no Single Source

Trust Your Gut

and Stay Curious


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