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The Biden Family Tree Unveiled

Behind the Headlines: Navigating the Growing Legal Troubles of the Entire Biden Family

Howdy, folks! Jesse Saunders here, ready to break down the tangled web of legal woes that seem to be closing in on the Biden clan. Remember when President Joe Biden boldly proclaimed that "no one messes with a Biden"? Well, it's safe to say that times have changed.

Hunter Biden's Gun and Tax Troubles:

Let's kick things off with Hunter Biden, the President's son, who's now facing federal charges related to gun violations. It's an interesting twist considering that his father, Joe Biden, has championed gun control laws. But that's not all; Hunter's also staring down the barrel of possible additional charges related to taxes. It's not exactly the rosy picture you'd expect from a President's son.

James Biden's Subpoena Drama:

Next on the Biden family hit parade is Joe Biden's brother, James Biden. He's recently been slapped with a subpoena, along with his nephew, regarding millions of dollars that mysteriously found their way to the Bidens. This money trail is part of an alleged influence-peddling operation that's been raising eyebrows.

Joe Biden Under the Impeachment Spotlight:

Hold onto your hats, folks, because it doesn't stop there. President Joe Biden himself is now formally under investigation, and at least four articles of impeachment are reportedly under consideration. That's right, the big man in the White House is facing some serious heat.

Media's Changing Tune:

And here's the kicker: the media, which has often shielded the Bidens from scrutiny, is starting to change its tune. Slowly but surely, they're acknowledging that there might be more to the story than meets the eye. Hunter and others are being accused of engaging in corrupt influence peddling, and it's hard to ignore the mounting evidence.

A Closer Look at the Bidens' Lifestyle:

Now, when prosecutors build cases against high-profile individuals, they often focus on their conspicuous consumption and extravagant lifestyles. We've seen this playbook before with Trump, where his personal and financial dealings were put under a microscope. But the same narrative might hold true for the Bidens.

The Image vs. Reality:

For the longest time, Joe Biden has been portrayed as a unifier-in-chief, someone who genuinely cares about doing good. It's a stark contrast to Trump's image, which often revolved around greed and self-interest. Forbes even ran an article titled "How Empathy Defines Joe Biden," highlighting his supposed empathetic nature.

But as the legal spotlight shines brighter on the Bidens, the public is starting to see a different side. They're facing legal exposure on multiple fronts, from child support issues to influence peddling to potential federal felonies.

Hunter Biden's Troubling Trail:

Let's zoom in on Hunter Biden for a moment. He left behind a trail of emails and texts that seem to suggest he was seeking millions in exchange for access to his father. These messages reveal him invoking his father's power, even going as far as to threaten foreign figures to send him money. One message allegedly has him demanding an immediate cash transfer from a Chinese businessman, claiming that his father is right there with him to ensure the payment goes through.

Uncles in the Mix:

But it's not just Hunter. Joe Biden's other family members have had their fair share of controversies too. James Biden has long been associated with alleged influence peddling, cashing in on his access to his brother, Joe. Joe's younger brother, Frank, also appears to have been involved in the family's influence-peddling activities. Frank, much like Hunter, faced dire financial straits due to his lavish lifestyle and lack of marketable skills.

Frank Biden's Troubled Past:

Now, what's emerging here is a pattern that we've seen in federal prosecutions before. Prosecutors often zoom in on the extravagant lifestyles and financial demands of their targets. For instance, in Paul Manafort's case, they highlighted his infamous Ostrich coat.

A Family Business:

The Bidens, it seems, had only one family business. They weren't into making furniture or selling groceries. Nope, their trade was influence, and Joe Biden himself was their "brand." As Biden associate Devon Archer put it, Joe was their selling point.

A Global Web of Corruption:

And here's the latest bombshell, folks. Newly released evidence from the House Committee on Ways and Means reveals over $20 million coming from 23 separate countries on four continents to at least nine Biden family members. Not only are the Biden transfers becoming clear, so is the Biden family tree in this lucrative form of corruption.

As these investigations and prosecutions continue, the public might just conclude that it's not empathy but avarice that truly defines the Bidens.

Well, folks, that's the story as it unfolds. Stay tuned for more updates on this ever-evolving saga.

Until next time, keep your eyes peeled, your voices loud, and your democracy intact.

Stay Safe, Stay Curious and for goodness sake, dont believe anything you hear from the 10,000.


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