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iKarl Episode 3 - Garland's Justice Jamboree

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

In this week's video, we explore the rollercoaster of trust surrounding the Hunter Biden investigation led by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Discover the staggering doubt revealed by an ABC News/Ipsos poll – nearly half of Americans question the Justice Department's fairness in handling the investigation. With only 32 percent showing confidence, this probe could be a cinematic flop!

Garland's leadership is under scrutiny, resembling a sinking ship with controversies like the Hunter Biden affair and questionable appointments, including David Weiss. Is this a genuine investigation or a reality TV episode in the making?

Trust in the Justice Department has plummeted during Garland's tenure, once again contrasting with the Bill Barr era. With favorability ratings at 49 percent for the Justice Department and 52 percent for the FBI, the narrative has shifted from champions to chumps. From politically charged indictments to suspicions of election interference, Garland's decisions have ignited debates, leaving everyone questioning allegiance in a courtroom-style drama.

As the Justice Department's credibility dwindles, Garland's actions transform the agency into a ringless circus, eroding public faith by the minute. With about 30 percent of supporters remaining, Garland has a long path ahead to regain America's trust.

As we buckle up for the ongoing Hunter Biden investigation, anticipate more twists and turns.

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