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Mondays With Mullane ep21 - Gaza

I cannot watch the horrors unfold on the nightly TV news and stay silent regarding the Palestinian-Israel conflict. As a father and grandfather, I've watched reports of 15,000 people, including 6100 children, being slaughtered, thousands more missing and maimed.

WARNING: The Following Article is an Opinion Piece written by The Anonymous Author Mullane. This article respresents his views and not that of The Anonymous Publishing House. Free speech as well as freedom of expression and opinion are a fundimental and natural right for all. Censorship will only ever silence the truth and in the persuit of free speech there may be times where you read words objectionable to you and your beliefs. Either contest and debate the opinions expressed, or skip to the next article/video.

We might not agree with the words written below, but we will fight til our last breath for the authors rights to say them.

When Russia invaded Ukraine with scant justification, the world was quick to condemn and impose sanctions. Russia became a pariah. If China invades Taiwan, the world will condemn China. Russia and China have both invaded neighbouring countries and occupied them. I've been critical of both Russia and China for these actions. China is threatening other countries and using bullying tactics in the China Sea. China and Russia are both ruled by dictators and Presidents for life. My criticism of these countries is aimed at their governments, not the Russian or Chinese people. By marriage, I have Chinese relatives and also Jewish relatives. Also, I was a vocal opponent and physical protester against the USA and Australia's involvement in Vietnam, and I was arrested at the demonstration against President Johnston.

So why can't I criticise Israel without being labelled anti-Semitic? How long will Israel hide behind the holocaust as justification for their atrocities? The once oppressed have become the oppressors.

The UN gave the Jews 55% of Palestine in 1948. Since then, the Zionists have taken more and more land from the Palestinians. The Zionists quote bible passages written maybe 3000 years ago to justify their encroachment. This has no legal relevance in the 21st Century. I acknowledged in 1948, both sides fought each other and were guilty of atrocities. Israel won with superior weapons supplied by Western countries. Israel continues committing atrocities. The Human Rights Watch experts have stated Israel is using 2000-pound white phosphorus bombs on civilians.

For 75 years, the Israelis have waged their version of a holocaust on the Palestinian people. They have evicted them from their homes and bulldozed them. They have been driven off their farms and businesses and herded into ghettos, which are nothing more than concentration camps. Israel controls the supply of electricity and water, goods in or out. Settlers, with great rapidity, force Palestinians from their homes and farms with the Israeli government's approval. 250 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli settlers this year. No one is charged. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, has stated previously he wants Israel free of Arabs. Israeli cabinet ministers have referred to Palestinians as animals to eliminate the constant dehumanising of the Palestinian people. One Israeli cabinet minister said Gaza should have a nuclear bomb dropped on it. Israel, of course, denied it possesses nuclear weapons.

I supported the IRA's fight for a united, free Ireland. I supported their cause, not their tactics. People who know me know I'm no supporter of Islam, Judaism, or even Christianity. Without religion, the world would be better, safer, and more peaceful.

I ask the question. Why don't Western countries condemn Israel? Why is it a Russian invasion of Ukraine but self-defence regarding Israel? In October, Hamas attacked Israel with bulldozers, Toyota Hi-Lux troop carriers, and drones, penetrating the defence barriers of the 4th largest, best-equipped army in the world. How this audacious raid wasn't stopped is the big question. This planned attack was known to Israeli intelligence for over two years. A catastrophic intelligence failure on behalf of Israel. Or was it? There's no justification for killing civilians. However, the Palestinians have been treated appallingly for 75 years by the Israelis. These young men have been born in a concentration camp with no future, no hope, just grinding poverty and suppression of human rights. Their frustration and anger must be palpable. Hamas are referred to as terrorists, religious zealots and freedom fighters. The truth is a combination of all three. However, 1500 years of inbreeding and a shrinking gene pool in a confined area haven't afforded members of Hamas the intelligence to realise their actions only bring more death and destruction to their people and achieve nothing. Israel hasn't learnt the relatives of the 15000 killed will most likely become future Hamas members.

Israel calls this conflict a war. This isn't a war between Israel and the Palestinians. It's an orchestrated genocide of the Palestinian people, an ethnic cleansing. Plus, the decimation of Gaza. It can't be a war when only one side has fighter jets, tanks, and Apache helicopter gunships supplied by the USA. The USA gives billions to Israel yearly, plus the latest death-dealing weapons. In the US, the political parties receive donations from Jewish lobby groups to keep the arms and money flowing. Plus, the Hollywood Jewish cabal endorse their preferred Presidential candidates.

Every world agency has stated that Israeli settlements on occupied land are illegal. In the West Bank, since Oct 7th, Israel IDF soldiers have shot Palestinians dead; shown on TV, an eight-year-old and a 15-year-old unarmed running for shelter were shot and killed, and 60 arrested. Those defending Israel say the Arabs have refused multiple offers of a two-state solution. The Palestinians were offered an unacceptable two-state solution. The Palestinian people could never accept the terms of those offers. First, they weren't allowed a seaport or airport; all goods were in or out via Israel. They weren't allowed independent water or electricity supplies—no army, navy or airforce. Millions of Palestinians were denied the right to return. However, a Jew from anywhere in the world can settle in Israel.

Israel has murdered 63 journalists and 111 aid workers in this current conflict. The West is complicit in allowing these murderous actions by Israel with impunity—more children killed in the first two weeks than in every war since 2019, over 6000—all Western countries utter platitudes. Israel is deliberately targeting civilians, hospitals, schools, and ambulances. The international criminal court must charge Israel with war crimes.

The oldest-running Israeli newspaper, 'Haaretz,' has been closed down and silenced by the Israeli government. The reason the paper's reporting was unpatriotic. So, the truth is unpatriotic. What the article was reporting on was the abject failure of Israeli intelligence to prevent the attack by Hamas—a collection of rag-tag, frustrated terrorists using unacceptable tactics. Israel initially funded Hamas to divide Hamas and The Palestinian Authority. The BBC showed film footage of Hamas rehearsing the attack.

Jewish people Rabbis and prominent Jews Norman Finklestein, Bernie Sanders, and Noam Chomsky have condemned Israel. This proves criticism of Israel is not anti-semitic. They are criticising a corrupt, racist, fascist government, not the Jewish people. A truce has been called, and Hamas has released hostages. Israel has released Palestinian prisoners, primarily women, children charged with throwing rocks and people who have never been charged. Since the resumption of hostilities, Israel has killed 200 more Palestinians, including children. Let's hope for a peaceful solution, and Palestinians and Israelis can live in peace with equal rights and not an apartheid system. Only the Israeli and Palestinian people can achieve this. Their governments are incapable.

A new word has been coined for everyday use. ISRAELED (verb) is taking something that isn't yours and then shamelessly pretending it belongs to you while playing the victim.

How can the world not condemn Israel in the strongest terms and place sanctions on them? In Israel, the free population sit in cafes sipping coffee or frolicking on the beach. In Palestinian, a child is undergoing an amputation without anesthetic. The doctors and all medical staff of Gaza work tirelessly with compassion and bravery. The world should be repulsed by the systematic genocide of the Palestinian people by a murderous racist regime ruling Israel. A question: the child on the operating table is undergoing a double leg amputation without anesthetic. What crime did this child commit?

Danny Mullane

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