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Mondays With Mullane ep31 - Youth Crime

Youth crime is out of control. The statistics for 2023 are frightening: 10382 unlawful entry offences, 7332 unlawful use of a motor vehicle, 4348 assault offences, 1437 robbery offences and eight murders. The young mother was stabbed to death in front of her husband also wounded. The perpetrator pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 14 years with good behaviour, released after seven years. This criminal had 84 convictions and never saw one day in jail. An elderly grandmother was stabbed to death while doing her shopping. Yvette D'Ath and Anna Pluckachook, these two incompetents, should be charged with involuntary manslaughter. The reason the alleged perpetrators of these horrific crimes were out on bail, would you believe for similar offences? They received bail as a result of weakened criminal laws by these two incompetent women whose only qualification for the job was being in possession of a vagina.

The crime wave by youths encompasses all ethnic groups; however, statistically, Sudanese and Somalis commit more crimes, mostly violent out of proportion to their population. Why we let them in is beyond my comprehension. Bring in third-world shit. Your country turns into third-world shit.

These miscreants commit these crimes without fear of being apprehended because, as youths, they are given bail multiple times. For fucks sake, the maximum prison sentence for murder is a paltry ten years. Give them life and a supply of KY lube. Their punishment on most occasions is a caution or a good behaviour bond. The lefty luvvies of the Queensland Labor party made a law incarceration be a last resort.

These little shits film their crimes for notoriety and to influence others, sharing their crimes on social media. The Labor lefties waffle about early intervention education, support for families, and better communication; it's a complex issue. No, it's not complex. These out-of-control shits need to be locked up. Mandatory sentencing. Vehicle theft sentence of five years, home invasion armed sentenced to ten years, assault with a weapon sentenced to 20 years. Murder life, no one has the guts to reintroduce the death penalty. They must be removed from society to protect society. People have a right to feel safe, whether driving, shopping or at home. Our unalienable rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Governments must afford us these rights.

 Now, don't give me this bleeding heart bullshit of they come from a single mother, they live in poverty, and they have a tough life. Plenty of people have tough lives and have lived in poverty, including me. When I grew up in Rozelle Balmain, it wasn't working-class but designated slums. Wharfies, Garden Islander dock workers, painters and dockers, railway workers, coal miners. And a fair share of career criminals. However, we felt safe.

The reason behind this crime wave I honestly don't know. However, social media allows these crimes to be uploaded, and violent video games remove the reality of what they are doing. It makes them immune against the fact they are committing criminal acts.

When we watch on the nightly news youths armed with machetes and knives breaking into people's homes, often the people are home asleep in bed. In February, at 8 am a Saturday, I was sitting with a coffee about to watch the 8 am news. My wife screamed as a youth was trying to break into our home via a patio door. I grabbed her golf club. My wife admonished me for grabbing her best putter instead of a club. He ran out; we discovered they had stolen our daughter's laptop from her car, no sign of forced entry. A remote is available online at Jay Cars.

We reported this to the police, who advised us to get online and report it—digital cops. Now, I think the police do a good job under difficult circumstances. It must be frustrating to arrest and charge these scum bags only to see them obtain bail and a good behaviour bond, a suspended sentence. They then continue their crime spree.

Political correctness has blunted the police's ability to control crime. In my youth, we never liked cops or respected cops; however, by the fuck we were scared of cops. I wonder how many youths were saved from a life of crime by a size 12 boot up the arse and a clip around the ears by a six feet 16 stone copper. In the police force today, mandatory diversity female cops are weighing less than all the shit they have to wear. Some irony here is that the two homosexuals in Sydney were shot dead, it's alleged by a cop. In my day, cops only bashed homosexuals.

My good friend, an ex-cop, is now in his late 80s. He was corrupt, as were most cops. But as he stated, we knew who the bad guys were and got them off the streets by whatever means was required.

These want a be gangsters are cowards and dumbarse. What fucking criminal films their crime and uploads it on social media. Their IQ must be in the 50s. They don't perpetrate these crimes for personal gain; they commit them just for the thrill.

I sincerely hope that come the October election, The LNP, led by a personable young man, David Crisafulli, will win the election and enact strong mandatory sentencing, taking the decision out of the hands of bleeding hearts lefty magistrates and judges. The police do their job, but the courts fail the people. I hope David Crisafulli is tough and tells the bleeding heats to fuck off.

If there isn't a significant reduction in youth crime, I can tell you now there is going to be more bloodshed. However, this time, it will be the criminals because I know people in the suburbs with high crime rates have purchased guns on the black market. Their attitude is, fuck it, if a shit youth breaks into my home, I'll kill him to protect my family. Question: what jury would find that person guilty?

Danny Mullane

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