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Mondays With Mullane ep30 - The Year My Woke Broke

What a future woke world will be like.

The world today as we know it has numerous problems, wars, yes, a changing climate; however, I'm not sure it is all manufactured by humans. The politicians today, instead of putting their efforts into solving these pressing problems, are obessed either with wokeism or fighting wokeism.

The new buzzwords sprouted by the woke left chardonnay socialists latte-sipping, craft beer bolsheviks. These inner-city uni graduates with useless arts degrees reside in tarted-up terraces. These joyless snobs are self-loathing the fact they are white. They proudly display their vending machine-issued victim cards. They go on relentlessly with the new woke vocabulary of White Privallage, Decolonisation, Diversity, Equality, Oppression, Feminism, Male toxicity, LGBTQIABCXYZ rights, and Black Lives Matter—land rights for Gay Whales—ban petroleum products, animal rights one must be a vegetarian or a vegan.

Definition of woke: a state of awareness only achieved by those dumb enough to find injustice in everything except their own behaviour. The looney left are fanatical haters of everything. Capitalism is their number one hate: they endorse socialism without noting the fact wherever it was tried failed. White heterosexual males are next on their hate list, all religions. Wokesters suffer from delusional psychiatric requirements. Wokesters dilute the nation by resentment of what they are themselves.

So let us look at this new, wonderful, woke world once the traumatised trendies have taken over. Pronouns: all references to male or female pronouns are banned. Any person identifying as the opposite gender to their birth is recognised. This will mean the world's fastest woman, the best female tennis player, swimmer, etc. was originally born a male. The person world winner (Miss was banned) was a male, a cock in a frock, ugly as a hat full of arseholes, but the judges wanted to be inclusive. The runner-up was a diesel dyke in a bib and braced overalls with tits hanging out each side, a crew cut and hairy armpits resembling an Amazonian jungle.

Schools all have unisex uniforms free choice to wear pants or a dress for all students. Schools teach woke values instead of knowledge. For a person born to birthing parents, no gender is assigned at birth till the child turns 12; they can then choose their gender. All toilets and change rooms are unisex, with tampons and condom dispensers installed. All sports teams are combined; several birth girls have been killed playing Rugby League. Birth boys excel in netball and soccer teams.

Modern families reside in mudbrick homes free of any plastic products. Their children with unisex names are home-schooled. Government schools are optional. Same-sex parents drive electric vehicles or push-bikes. They have vegan dinner parties munching on lettuce leaves and kale, smoking the wacky backy and cask goon sack organic wine for entertainment.

The TV shows are inclusive. The new shows are Co Habitat at First Sight: Lesbian Wants a Wife and Gay Guy Wants a Husband. The new GAYBC Managing Director was chosen for diversity. A black trans woman refugee in a wheelchair who is a vegan Buddhist. All announcers are homosexual or lesbian. The GAYBC breakfast programme already complies with the new rules of the lineup: a fat ugly lesbian, a sports presenter in a wheelchair and a gay crossdressing effeminate weather person.

All animal products are banned: leather, fur, feathers, meat, poultry, and seafood. The banning of being able to eat flesh has presented problems to many people, heterosexual and homosexual. The prohibition of being able to eat flesh has rendered fellatio and cunnilingus illegal. I bet not many people would obey this law if it were implemented. Too many people enjoy labia lapping and salami slurping.

The world now experiences food shortages. Most prime agricultural land now has wind factories and solar factories. However, they are called wind and solar farms, which sounds more friendly. The big problem is when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow widespread blackouts. Our roads are in disrepair because petroleum products are banned, bitumen is a by-product of petroleum, and water delivered to homes now unreliable plastic pipes are forbidden. Eyeglasses have reverted to glass instead of safer, lightweight plastic. Timber is banned, and steel is in short supply because mining coal and other minerals are forbidden. The hypocrisy mining of toxic lithium and cobalt, a requirement for electric vehicles, is exempt. Toilet paper sells on the black market for massive amounts of money; paper comes from trees.

Sports well some sports are banned. All motorsports are forbidden unless they are electric or pedal-powered. Horse racing, greyhound racing, show jumping, and dressage are all banned, cruelty to animals. Contact sports like Rugby League, Boxing, and Wrestling are all banned; too many genuine females were getting killed or seriously injured. The obvious solution would be to have teams of birth males birth females and then teams of those who havent yet decided. This sensible idea was canned as being discriminatory.

Children's sports teams are all mixed gender and no winners or losers, participants receive a participation award first to last same trophy. We are rewarding mediocracy and failure.

Borders of countries will cease to exist. So if people from a third-world shit hole decide they want to live in a first-world, more salubrious country, just come on down. Crime will increase exponentially. The lefty luvvies no prison time for most crimes, instead counselling. Now, here is the big question. How long before first-world countries, by allowing unfettered immigration from third-world shit holes, become third-world shit holes themselves? Importing immigrants that will be welfare dependant for life with different cultures, values, and religions will render these first-world countries' economic and political crime ravished shit holes. What then?

Look at some European countries now. Sweden, once had the lowest crime rate in the world, now the highest murder rate in Europe. People with the name Hans do not commit these crimes; people with the name Mohammid commit them. The UK and Ireland have been taken over. An Indian Prime Minister in the UK, a Pakistan Mayor of London, A Pakistan minister for Scotland and a homosexual Indian Prime Minister for Ireland. By 2047, white indigenous English will be in the minority. Some wokesters will say, "Oh, this is karma." The big difference British immigrants added to the wealth of the countries they immigrated to; they contributed to those countries. Yes, colonisation was good and evil. However, some of the most prosperous countries today were once British colonies.

In this new woke world, Australia let in some immigrants who are entirely at odds with our culture and way of life. The ten people shot dead in Australia committing terrorist acts were let in as refugees, or their parents were, so even a second generation doesn't change. If a country no longer controls its borders, it ceases being a country and becomes a territory only. Can you imagine the outcry if the Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists, or Sikhs requested a tax on our food, and the money collected went to them? The public would say no way, that's bullshit, rightfully so. However, we all pay a Halal tax on our food to Muslims. The only exceptions are pork and alcohol. This tax is so wrong, protest.

In summary, when you vote, think if I vote for the lunatic greens or the so-called independents or the Labor party, what are their hidden agendas? Mind you, some lefty nutters have infiltrated the conservative political parties. People can only be pushed so much before they rise and take control. Often, when this happens, they then become more totalitarian than the government they just deposed. Note the left Albanese Labor Party wants to censor the internet; they say they want to ban misinformation and hate speech. They are not banning hate speech; they are banning speech they hate. As for misinformation, who decides what is or isn't misinformation?

Never before in history have people been so afraid to question absurdity for fear of being labelled a bigot, homophobic, transphobic or Islama-phobic. This is bullshit; speak up. Call it out as you see the injustices. There are only two genders to state otherwise, defies logic, science and reason. Protest males pretending to be females participating in female sports. This Ludacris situation must be stopped. Born with a dick, you aren't a chick. No pussy, no play, no snatch, no match. Don't let the lunatics take over the asylum.

Let's return to values once the norm: a mum and dad, boys and girls, only males and females could marry. Male and female toilets and sports teams. To those that say I am an old fart living in the past. I say fuck you; the old ways were better, much better.

Danny Mullane

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