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Mondays With Mullane ep22 - The Political Mess

The Western world is a mess. Other regions have never known peace, prosperity or stability. The rest of the world has given up on them. In the Western world, the USA, the two leading candidates for 2024 are a senile, bumbling imbecile and an elderly candidate with questionable morals and ethics. With a population of 334 million, these two are considered the best FFS.

WARNING: The Following Article is an Opinion Piece written by The Anonymous Author Mullane. This article respresents his views and not that of The Anonymous Publishing House. Free speech as well as freedom of expression and opinion are a fundimental and natural right for all. Censorship will only ever silence the truth and in the persuit of free speech there may be times where you read words objectionable to you and your beliefs. Either contest and debate the opinions expressed, or skip to the next article/video.

We might not agree with the words written below, but we will fight til our last breath for the authors rights to say them.

The United Kingdom, Great Britain. Also known as Batshit Bonkers Britain. Their Prime Minister, an Indian. A country in the past defeated the Spanish Armarda, the might of the German Luftwaffe. Today, they can't repel illegal economic immigrants in rubber rafts. Britain has jumped on the climate change bandwagon and closed its coal mines and refineries; now, people freeze and queue up for petrol.

Canada is in dire trouble; it has experienced its most significant population growth in history, driven by immigration of 1.158,705 million. Canada's GDP per capita has collapsed. Homicide rates are soaring. Another centre-left government is obsessed with climate change. It has abandoned the fundamentals of governing.

New Zealand, our neighbour, across the ditch. There aren't enough words to chronicle all the monumental fuckups inflicted on this country by a lefty lunatic. Would the last Kiwi to leave turn out the lights?

In Australia, we have experienced some of the worst politicians in the Western World. Both Liberals and Labor recruit total incompetent fuckwits. The Labor Party allows female candidates 1.5 votes to one male vote. Their only prerequisite is the possession of a vagina. The lunatic greens have the same policy only difference is a manufactured vagina qualifies. Also, the Greens seek diversity—a candidate trans woman from Pakistan in a wheelchair automatic selection.

Deciding who has been our worst-ever prime Minister is challenging so many qualified candidates. I voted in 1972 for Gough Whitlam. I'd never experienced a Labor party in power. I soon realised my monumental mistake: Whitlam was a disaster. Malcolm Fraser a do nothing, incompetent, lazy upper-class fuckwit. Next, Bob Hawke, a womanising root rat, confessed tearfully on TV to adultery. A drunken Mr Popular went out of his way to show he was a typical Aussie bogan, the skulling of beer, the bits of fluff on the side, the crude schoolboy jokes. Keating on the second attempt, disposed of Hawke, a bloodless coup.

Keating the bother boy from Bankstown. Keating possessed a pathological hatred of businesses and did all he could to harm all companies. He lifted tariffs in one hit, resulting in hundreds of long-established businesses closing down or moving their operation overseas. Unemployment hit 12%. To help reduce unemployment, he inflicted a 2% training levy on all employers. Keating introduced taxes we'd never heard of. It was like Keating was saying, "I'm going to destroy you filthy capitalists." Remember the recession, we had to have 19% home loan interest rates.

Keating enacted taxes like never before, which had nothing to do with a company's profit—capital gains tax on properties sold and fringe benefits tax. Australia is the only Western country not allowing entertainment as a tax deduction. So you all say so fucking what? Why should an executive claim a long lunch as a tax deduction? Keating's new tax legislation closed down hundreds of family restaurants. The Fringe Benefits tax dramatically stopped the car fleet business and flooded the market with grounded ex-company vehicles. Keating was an arrogant prick. Also, there are strong rumours Keating is a closet homosexual; the fact he made an art form out of bitchy insults, collected antique clocks and wore Armani suits never helped dispel this rumour. Keating once gave a $135,00 arts grant to a homosexual whose painting style was getting naked and rolling his naked body across a piece of canvas.

John Howard was a conservative middle-class. Little Johnny had a successful charisma bypass operation. His steady-as-she-goes style kept Howard in government for 11 years. Howard was a conviction politician who bravely brought in gun control legislation. He also introduced tradies being able to work as self-employed. Howard made a law for those over 55 selling a business with no capital gains tax when retiring. I retired three times. Howard Costello paid off Labor's debt and left $60 billion in the future fund. Rudd spent this amount in six months. Under the Prime Ministership of John Howard, I made a lot of money. I criticised John Howard for following the USA into Middle Eastern wars that were none of our business. Howard acted like a USA lap dog.

Rudd/ Gillard/ Rudd. Rudd is the dud, and Gillard is the liar Juliar. One of the most significant lies ever told by a politician, Gillard said, "There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead." After doing a deal to retain the government with three independents by metaphorically sucking their cocks and Back Door Bobby Brown, we all know where his cock has been. This pair of incompetents is right up there with Whitlam. Their combined achievements include 50,000 illegal economic immigrants pink-bats resulting in four deaths and the school hall fiasco. Gillard became Prime Minister because she was a woman—woke political correctness at its worst. Gillard was out of her depth and incompetent. Rudd 747 Kevin was incapable and an egomaniac with a nasty, quick temper. Albanese appointed Rudd the Dudd as Australia's USA ambassador. Fucking heaven help us.

After Rudd came Tony Abbott; I liked Tony. He did an excellent job of stopping the invasion by illegal economic immigrants, mostly young Muslim males. The Liberal Party lefties encouraged Malcolm Turnbull to stab Abbott in the back, metaphorically speaking. The catalyst for Abbott's assignation was Abbott giving the geriatric Duke of Windsor, Phil The Greek, a gong. Turnbull was a Labor Party plant. He was more left than some Labor party members. He fucked up the NBN, the Snowy Hydro 2.0. A rich, ego-driven, incompetent delusional dope. His arrogance showed he believed he possessed the divine right to be Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison planned and plotted with help; he wasn't intelligent enough to dispose of Turnbull alone. Morrison, the God Bothering bible basher from the Shire, the haven of middle-class Australia. Morrison won an election against the hapless Bill Shorten for a second term. Morrison was hopeless. He gave billions to companies during the COVID-19 pandemic without a clause to recover the money if it wasn't required. Billionaires received millions. Morrison apologised to Britany Higgins before a trial. One of Morrison's most disgusting cowardly acts was calling for the resignation of Christine Holgate, a super-efficient CEO of Australia Post who never did anything wrong. Morrison lost to Albabese. It shows how bad Morrison was.

The other past prime ministers. Harold Holt. His most outstanding achievement was swimming and disappearing. Billy McMahon was a closet homosexual. The Liberal party arranged a lavender wedding to a society princess for appearance's sake. The duty of fucking Billy's new bride fell to Sir Billy Snedden. Known to lust after frothy young females. Unfortunately, Billy died on the job in a seedy Rushcutters Bay Motel with a mystery blonde. It was no fucking mystery; her name was Sonia. John Gordon was famous for his affair with Ainslie Gotto, his private secretary. One Minister described Gordon's downfall: "It wiggles, It's shapely, and its name is Ainslie Gatto." The old proverb "If it flies, floats or fucks don't touch it.

This lot out of the way brings us to the present calamity ruling Australia with only 32% of the vote. There is something fundamentally wrong with our electoral system when a political party only receives 32% of the votes but receives the keys to the lodge and runs the country.

Anthony Albanese, a lisping lefty looney. Albanese has never worked in a private enterprise or run a business. He boasts about being a bastard and living in housing commission accommodation. His salary as Prime Minister is $586,768. If he were paid for his worth, he would owe Australia money. Albanese spends most of the time overseas with his defacto common-law wife. Australia doesn't notice his absence, just the cost.

Since the present Labor government has been in power, 12 times interest rates have increased. Electricity is up by 18%. Remember, before the election, Anal stated, "All elecwricithity will come down by two hunwed and Twoowentty Fith Dollwars. At press conferences, reporters wear raincoats and keep a distance of six metres. Petrol diesel is up 30%. Albanese increased diesel excise by 2%, adding to inflation. Everything in your home business or shop was delivered by a truck. 99.9% of trucks are diesel-fueled, contributing to a grocery increase of up to 25% of supermarkets' profit gauging, added to this figure. Labor and the Liberals have never attempted to break up the Woolworths Coles duopoly.

The Australian Labor Party has never denounced socialism. Within its ranks are extreme left-wing nut jobs. The definition of a socialist is someone with fuck all who wants to share it with everyone else. Albanese wasted $450 million on the unnecessary voice referendum. Soundly defeated, Albanese underestimated the Australian public's intelligence.

Other Labor Party politician's positions in power are incompetent women or ex-trade union hacks. One must remember the Australian Labor Party is the political wing of the criminal, corrupt trade unions. Unions call the shots. Labor has enacted industrial relations legislation to appease their masters, the unions. Tony Burke, the Minister for industrial relations Burke by name Burke by nature a prized fuckwit. The industrial legislation enacted by Labor will send a lot of businesses to the wall—a plan to implement a socialist system of government.

In private life, Chris Bowen, Minister for the Environment, would be eligible to receive a pension from the NDIS for an intellectual impairment. Bowen is determined to return Australia to the stone age. Bowen will devastate our economy in the name of protecting the climate.

 Bill Shorten, the deposed ex-Labor leader and trade union thug, is still bitter, plotting his comeback and trying to figure out how he lost the unlosable election. Billy is in charge of the NDIS billions wasted, rorting taken to new heights. When you see on the TV news those being arrested wearing rags on their heads, only their eyes showing, you know the government fucked up big time.

Clair O'Neil is the Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber security. She just released 143 illegal criminal immigrants, a monumental fuck up of gigantic proportions. These criminals were rapists, murderers, pedophiles. This departmental malfunction was only supposed to release one inmate, not the fucking lot. You can't make this stuff up. As Keating once said, "Australia is in danger of becoming a banana republic." We are well advanced in this scenario. O'Neil and Andrew Giles should be sacked for sheer incompetence, actually criminal incompetence.

Richard Marles is a deputy leader and Minister for Defence. Fond of VIP flights, having spent $3.6 million, including accompanying family members. An ex-trade union hack and a lawyer, another fucking lawyer. To quote William Shakespeare, "First thing, let's kill all the lawyers." A lightweight appointed by Albanese as not being a threat to him.

Tanya Pliberek, the convicted drug dealer's wife. The Minister for the Environment. She keeps closing down coal mines and not approving any of Clive Palmer's projects. Revenge is sweet. She goes out of her way to destroy farmers' livelihoods. Tanya keeps a watchful eye on Hubby to ensure he doesn't take up his previous profession. All the while quietly plotting Albanese's demise and slotting herself and the ex-drug dealer into the lodge.

Jim Chalmers, Australia's treasurer, is In charge of a $1.7 trillion economy but isn't qualified to do your tax return. However, Jimmy has an arts degree. Has anyone ever seen a job advertised with an arts degree as a prerequisite? I haven't. Jimmy is bidding his time hopping for more Albanese fuck ups. He has his eye on the lodge.

Linda Burney is the hopeless, hapless, Gucci-clad minister for Aboriginals. God's gift to the No campaign. She fucked up big time in the end Labor sidelined her.

Katy Gallagher is the Minister for finance and women. Finance and women don't seem to go together. Gallagher is an accomplished liar. Gallagher gifted Brittany Higgins $2.3 million for services rendered. Higgins's brief, poor choice of words: Higgins doesn't wear briefs or panties or knickers; she is a devotee of going commando. Anyway, Higgins's job was to embass the Morrison government. Morrison was doing that by himself. Labour could've saved $2.3 million.

Mark Dreyfus, Attorney General, Jason Clare, Don Farrell, Mark Butler, Catherine King, Amanda Risworth, Michelle Rowland, Madeleine King, Murray Watt, Matt Keough, Pat Conroy, Stephen Jones, Andrew Giles, Anika Wells. There are more, but why bother not worth mentioning? All notable spectacular underachievers. Ed Husic and Anne Aly, the token Muslims. Senator Malarndirri, McCarthy, and her ancestors fucked by an Irishman, the token Aboriginal.

An honourable mention must go to Julie Collins, the Minister for Homelessness. I'll give credit where credit is due. Julie Collins has done a fantastic job. Never before in Australia have so many people been homeless. An outstanding achievement, Julie.

Penny Ying Yang Wong is the Minister for Foreign Affairs—a true embarrassment to Australia. Political correctness is taken to the tenth degree. Wong is all wrong, a butch lesbian who wears male attire. Wong is married to another lipstick lesbian, which means Wong is wearing the strap-on as Foreign Minister Wong is embarrassing. When Wong visits Muslim countries, she insists on staying on the ground floor. Wong's vertigo is restricted to Muslim countries. Wong loves going overseas to shit-holes and piss-ant countries and gifting them millions of Australian taxpayers' money.

The Australian Labor Party is no longer a workers party. They are now a wanker wokester party. Labor dispises the working class and sees them as uneducated bogans incapable of thinking for themselves. Labor Today is a party of inner-city chardonnay latte-sipping socialists residing in a tarted-up terrace driving an electric vehicle in possession of an arts degree, fond of the wacky backie and being AC DC and vegetarians. Of course, hopeless houso's will always vote Labor if they get out of bed.

Today, the Australian Labor Party is driven by ideology, still clinging to the belief socialism is the best form of government and their obsession with climate change, Aboriginals, homosexuals, and the arts and giving away taxpayers money often to countries that hate us. Albanese and all Labor politicians have lost touch with reality.

Labor doesn't realise the plight of suburbia. The young couple working two jobs and saving for a deposit on a home is beaten at auctions by a foreign investor who won't even live in the dwelling. The mums and dads struggle to pay the mortgage to fill their car with petrol to put food on the table. They must explain to their children why they can't afford sports or dancing lessons, a trip to the movies, or new shoes. These strugglers drive their car sans rego and forgo home insurance.

However, Labor is bringing in up to 650,000 migrants a year. Albanese made a deal with the Indian Prime Minister. How many Uber drivers, trolley picker-uppers, or 7/11 staff do we need? These so-called students enrol in unaccredited colleges. Lessons are conducted in shops or at home; they don't attend; they work and exploit the system to obtain permanent residence. Albanese stated today, he is going to reduce immigration.

We have the present situation with people living in tents and their cars. The last thing we need is more people to join the rental queues.

Albanese, please stay in Australia; fix homelessness, the rental crisis, and the cost of living. To be blunt fuck the climate; so-called crises go nuclear. Stop closing coal mines. Coal and Gas are our biggest export earners. Reduce the taxes on fuel. Do something to ease the cost of living for people. Some of these battlers voted for you. Stop giving money to other countries while Australians live in tents and cars—charity begins at home. As a houso, you'd know struggle street. However, your government is making people poorer through inaction and incompetence.

Anthony Albanese, you win hands down. Without a doubt, you are Australia's worst Prime Minister. A total fuckwit, a lisping liar, a limp, lazy piece of shit. You are doing to Australia what Carmel Tebbutt, your ex-wife, said you never did to her. Is Alan Joyce your bit on the side? The question is, is Alan Joyce doing to you what he did to Qantas?

I worry in the next election, Labor could still win. Our preferential voting system with looney greens and independents backed by renewable energy billionaires may still get Labor over the line. God help us. 

Danny Mullane

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