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Mondays with Mullane: The Man Behind The Rants Unveiled

Updated: Jun 24

In the whirlwind of modern journalism, few figures stir the pot quite like Danny Mullane. For the past six months, readers have been hooked on his weekly column, "Mondays with Mullane," which has had thousands of likes and shares. What started as the musings of an anonymous author quickly turned into a phenomenon, with each article fanning the flames of controversy, humor, and hard-hitting truths.

But now, the man behind the mystique has stepped into the light. Danny Mullane, previously cloaked in anonymity, has come clean about his identity. And guess what? He's too big to cancel. In a bold move, Mullane has decided to publish his book of true stories under his real name. Get ready to dive into "Car Dealers and Other Honourable Professions."

From his shady beginnings as a car dealer to his unexpected turn as the owner of the largest gay bar on the Gold Coast, Danny Mullane has lived a life full of twists, turns, and tantalizing tales. His book, a furphy of stories from his colorful past, promises to be just as gripping as his weekly rants. Mullane's writing is not only fantastically engaging but also a testament to the power of truth, resilience, and a good old-fashioned yarn.

The literary world has taken notice too. "Car Dealers and Other Honourable Professions." has been nominated for the prestigious VIC and NSW Premier's Literary Awards, as well as the Douglas Stewart Prize. It's a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, and everything in between.

Heads up, readers! If you're woke, believe a man can become a woman with just a little eyeliner and a heartfelt tweet, or if the idea of a car-dealing, bar-owning, no-holds-barred storyteller makes you clutch your pearls—this book probably isn't for you.

Danny Mullane's tales are raw, real, and refreshingly unapologetic. So, proceed with caution and a thick skin, because "Car Dealers and Other Honourable Professions." is about to take you on a ride you won't forget.

You can now get your hands on Danny Mullane's book on Amazon.

Stay tuned for more from the man who refuses to be silenced. Danny Mullane is just getting started, and you won't want to miss a single word.

E D Murrow

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