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Mondays With Mullane ep32 - Trans Tasman

I am transphobic, not because I give a rat's arse regarding those who identify as whatever—a male identifying as female or a female identifying as a male I say go for it, get a penisdictomey and your balls cut off, grow a pair of tits, and females, a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy, pump up on male hormones, grow a beard, and get covered in tattoos. Wear the Doc Martens flannelette shirt and footy jumper, a packer in your Y Fronts, Yeah, baby, go for it. You have every right to do whatever makes you happy. Male to female wear dresses, put on some lippy, wear a wig, high heels, whatever.

All these radical changes don't make a male a female or a female a male. Instead, it makes them mutilated males and females and, unfortunately for them, often figures of amusement. If these mentally deranged people believe they have miraculously, through drugs and surgery, changed sex, they are delusional. The gender reassignment operation has a 100% failure rate.

I believe every adult has the right to do as they choose. However, I refuse to participate in their delusion and have their delusional beliefs forced on me by woke, weak leftie governments. There are only two genders to believe otherwise defies science, logic and reason. If you aren't sure if you are Arthur or Martha, when you want a piss, you are a sitter or a pointer.

I object to governments and some in the medical profession ordering and encouraging life-alerting surgeries that are irreversible for misguided children and prescribing puberty blockers for these young people in need of psychiatric help. These misguided medics change the language assigned at birth. Bullshit, you are born male or female you or anyone else doesn't have a choice. The language changes. Chest feeding person, pregnant person. Some politicians and the Chief Medical Officer in Australia can't answer a simple question.

What is a woman?

A woman is a female born with a vagina who develops breasts, menstruates, and is cable of giving birth and breastfeeding. A simple fucking answer.

It is the trans phenomenal, a passing phase. Notice how the Hollywood elites their children are now trans; they display them as some extraordinary achievement. Whatever happened to adopted black babies? I confess when I was young, in my teens, I was obsessed with trans and wanted one. I had photos on my wall and signed autographs by the top drivers of my obsession. I have the autographs of Fatty Geoghan and Alan Moffatt—the two top Trans-Am Mustang drivers. My parents did buy me a tranny for my birthday, a small transistor radio.

There is currently a case before The Human Rights Commission in Australia that will have worldwide consequences. An attractive real female, a mother, and a wife. This lady formed a Giggle website for females to chat about their successes, failures, frustrations, happiness, achievements and problems with other real women. I believe that it is their right to have a women-only website. Same as a male-only website.

However, the radical trans community objected. Enter Roxanne Tickle, a trans female whose application was rejected for the simple fact. Roxanne is a fucking man. What part of a female website didn't he understand? This delusional dude looks as much like a female as a big, boofy Rugby League front rower in a dress with a smear of lippy. This court case will cost the unfortunate lady who set up her platform, Giggle, up to $1 million. Of course, her adversary is most likely funded by the LGBTIQ MAPDIKSUKERPOFSFAGSDYK. My sincere apologies if I left out any misguided person's sexual identity. Being offended is the price of freedom of speech.

The term misgendering in some countries with lefty governments, such as the UK and some USA States. A person can be charged with a criminal offence for misgendering a person. This has to be the most ludicrous law ever. If you see a 185cm male a cock in a frock and you call him mate or sir, you can be charged; FFS, as JK Rowling stated, "Charge me."

This happened to me last week. I was doing my weekly banking and shopping at the Q Centre in Mermaid Waters. My wife asked me to buy some spring onions. Fucked if I could find them. I observed a large person approximately 187 cm broad shoulders. It did have a ponytail, but a lot of men do nowadays. It had its back to me unpacking fruit. I said, "Excuse me, mate, have you got any spring onions?" The large person turned around, glared at me and told me condescendingly about my perceived error of misgendering. He/she said, "Do I look like a mate? I am a woman." My reply was, "Well, despite the make-up tits and long hair, yes, you do look like a male, so please answer my fucking question. Do you have any spring onions?" It them they fucking whatever burst into tears and walked off, and I copped shit from the missus for not buying fucking spring onions.

Now, we come to the controversial topic of males identifying as females wanting to participate in female sports. Throughout history, male and female sports have been segregated. There is a logical reason for this: males are bigger, taller, stronger, faster and more powerful. Males possess more muscle mass; they have a larger lung capacity, their hearts pump more blood, and their arms and legs are longer. Also, males have better peripheral vision. A male is superior physically. This doesn't denigrate females. Males and females following the Darwinian theory of evolution developed differently, so the species survived. A male needed to be strong to hunt for the evening meal and fight off a sabre tooth tiger; females bore children, breastfed them and kept the cave tidy.

In woke US states, they installed tampon dispensers in male toilets. FFS, what are they going to do with a tampon? Stick it up their arse. It would be the same as installing a condom vending machine in a girl's toilet; maybe they could stick it on their thumb. The boys pulled the tampon machine off the wall.

I've most likely now upset the rabid feminists. However, I'm on their side. Males and females are different physically and mentally; viva la difference. Males will always be superior at some things, and females will be exceptional at others.

Males identifying as females with or without their dick should not be allowed to participate in women's sports. Women and girls should have sanctity in their toilets and change rooms free from these manic mental males. A simple rule, born with a dick, you aren't a chick. No pussy, no play, no snatch, no match.

At the other end of the spectrum, we don't hear about females- to-males wanting to participate in male-dominated sports. For example, a female-to-male wanting to pack into the front row of a Rugby League or Union scum, or a long list of female-to-male boxers wishing to hop in the ring with Tim Tszyu. Many females-to-males would be approximately the same height and weight as Tim Tszyu. Tim Tszyu would slaughter them within one minute simply because he is physically superior.

In summary, we should leave the status quo alone. Let males be masculine and females be feminine. In my day there, I believe there were trans people. However, they weren't known as trans people then. They were known as effeminate faggots or diesel dykes, or transvestites. What the fuck does Non-Binary mean? You are a combination of male and female. Does that mean you can fuck yourself?

Why do the supporters of the trans community, along with the GAYBC, encourage Drag Queens to read homosexual-based stories to kindergarten children? This is a classic case of covert grooming to lure innocent, vulnerable children into their chosen perverted lifestyle. These transvestites should not be allowed near children. They are sexually suggestive adult trans performers, and that is where they should stay. My grandson wanted me to take him to the movie Transformers; I was shocked until I learned it was about robots.

Let the sexes excel at what they, throughout history, have excelled at. I believe in complete equality for males and females. However, let women and girls and men and boys celebrate their differences. They were born different for a reason.

Danny Mullane

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