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Mondays With Mullane ep29 - Lunatic Woke Wanker Lefties

I didn't know what to write this week, and I told the editor I had writer's block. I couldn't think of a subject. Then on the TV news, several incidents reported got me angry, fucking furious. The first one regarded an elderly couple arrested in Melbourne for displaying their democratic right to wear Australian flags on their hats on fucking Australia Day. The Police stated they were inciting violence against the 30,000 anti-Australia Day Invasion Day marchers. Australia is lucky that we only celebrate or protest one invasion day. Fuck imagine living in France.

In other incidents, urban terrorists defaced statues and cut the legs off the Bronze statue of one the world's greatest navigators, Captain James Cook. The Melbourne City Council of gutless woke wankers have stated they won't replace the statue. So, according to the Melbourne City Council, if you don't like something, destroy it, and the council will clean up the mess and not replace what offended you. I'll remind these brain-dead vandals Captain Cook had been dead for ten years when Captain Arthur Phillip led his invasion force of 11 unarmed ships. His invasion force consisted of half-starved, wretched male and female convicts.

Also, on Australia Day, the cellar-dwelling neo nazis. These masked keyboard warriors, what the fuck are they on about a white Australia, A bit of irony they want a white Australia but wear black. These low-IQ delusional dopes are too cowardly to show their face. If they did an ancestorial DNA test, how many would qualify as pure caucasian? Go back to watching porn and wanking.

Australia is one of the world's wealthiest, safest, and most accessible countries. These ratbags, some identifying as Aboriginal, claim to be victims and oppressed. They shout and display slogans like destroy the colony, burn Australia, and always will be Aboriginal land. A few questions: who today is oppressing them? Question: what can't an Aboriginal and those identifying as Aborininals do that I, as a white person, can do? These cretins hate Australia but love our benefits.

These protesters want to reverse history. Where the fuck is 28 million residents going to go to? Another question is nothing stops these protesters from shedding their clothes, mobile phones, cars, etc and getting naked and living as their ancestors did for 40, 60, or 100 thousand years. They want a cultural colonoscopy without lube or anaesthetic.

These protest marches became confused or infused with Palestinian protests. As bad as Israel is treating the Palestinians again, I ask the question, what the fuck has the Palestine-Israel conflict got to do with Australia Day protests.

I wrote previously about these woke wanker corporations and sporting bodies and 80 councils cancelling Australia Day. To these white flagellating guilt trippers, if you hate Australia fuck off. You don't represent me or a lot of Aboriginals and the majority of Australians. If we dump old Charlie and become a republic, Jacinta Price for President.

There is a great divide regarding Australia Day. In one camp are the chardonnay inner-city socialist latte sippers, vegan green voters commemorating invasion day with a glass of organic wine and a vegetarian feast of weeds sprinkled with organic balsamic vinegar, afterwards rooting a hairy-legged feminist while listening to Bob Dylan.

The other camp is hordes of pissed Aussies drinking copious amounts of alcohol, enough to comatose a bull elephant. Their arms are adorned with tattoos of the Australian flag. Stripping off and wearing the made-in-China Australian flag as a garment is typical. Then feasting on burnt meat, no fucking salads allowed. Onions are the exception.

An incompetent, insipid, lisping, liar, weak-as-piss non-leader heads the Australian government. Anthony Houso Albanese, Mr 32%, won't stand up to the protesters, the rabble, or left-wing nut jobs. He should legislate Australia Day and make councils celebrate it. The tax-funded irrelevant GAYBC supports Invasion Day in its reporting and encourages its 100 viewers that January 26th was the day Australia was invaded. In Australia today, we can't open anything without a welcome-to-country smoking ceremony, half-naked white men resembling USA American Indians. In high school, we had smoking ceremonies in the toilets in Marlboro country.

These professional protesters are primarily perpetual uni students studying for an arts degree or dole-bludging, unwashed, addicted substance users. Their pronouns them, they we half don't know if they are Arthur or Martha. Not that they are fussed about who or what fucks them. I guarantee these are the same protesters throwing paint on 400-year-old masterpieces, gluing themselves to the road and raiding farms and butcher shops protesting against meat eaters. I wonder, do they participate in fellatio and cunnilingus? I mean, they are supposed to refrain from flesh touching their lips. If human flesh is exempt, would that make them cannibals? I am an avaricious consumer of human flesh. These pasty-faced emancipated vegans kill baby carrots and eat the livestock's food.

The world has gone mad. Think about what these pitiful protesters demand. There are no Australia Day celebrations. All non-Aboriginals are to leave Australia. Would that mean half Aboriginal people could stay for six months, and a quarter Aboriginals remain for three months? No delicious meat vegetarianism is compulsory—no petrol or diesel vehicles or SUVs. Homosexuality and trans have become mandatory. Shut down our coal mines and ban all petroleum products, so no more plastic or elastic to hold your knickers up and no condoms; for fuck sake, these low IQ fuckers will breed.

Never before in history have people been so afraid to question absurdity. They fear being labelled a homophobe, transphobe, Islamaphobe or a bigot. You can't misgender a person; it doesn't matter if they look like a Rugby League front-rower, a delusional dude, or a cock in a frock; you must call them by female pronouns to be politically correct. Not me; you are a man in a dress, an ugly transvestite, or a diesel dyke that's packing. Cutting off your bits and tits and pumping yourself full of hormones doesn't change a fucking thing; you remain what you were born as. When the Rainbow regime, after a long campaign, made homosexuality legal, my biggest fear was their next goal would be to make it mandatory.

Political correctness messes with our children's minds. My grandson plays AFL. I take him to games; they have mixed boys' and girls' teams. No score is kept; there are no winners or losers. It's not suitable for the reality of life.

Political correctness has added thousands of public servants to the various state and federal governments' Anti Discrimination Tribunals to cater to the perpetually offended. No opposing opinions are tolerated or expression of action perceived to exclude, marginalise or insult disadvantaged people or groups. I reserve the right to insult anyone I feel like insulting. Being insulted is the price for freedom of speech.

I confess I am homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, and Claustrophobic; so many things have been banned in food. Coon Cheese, Ginger Nut biscuits, and Lebanese cucumbers insult Lebanese men because it's smaller than a continental cucumber. Smart White Milk. Now, white women with itty bitty tities want flat white coffee banned—just some examples of the lunacy of today.

If this rant seems to jump from subject to subject, it's because I'm angry and frustrated with the madness of today's world. I remember fondly when I was young when men were admired for being masculine. Masculinity was not treated as being toxic, and women were feminine. Police were 185CM 110 kilo rough, tough male boofheads. No 160CM 50 kilos female cops who mostly bat for the other side. Their gear weighs more than they do.

People of Australia and the world, the majority, take a stand and fight these protesters, be it from the looney left or the nut job right. We want no demand for normalcy. I need a good drink.

My sincere apologies if I haven't offended you. I tried to offend as many people as I could.

Danny Mullane

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