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Mondays With Mullane ep28 - January 26th is the Most Controversial Day in Australia

Every year, we go through the same controversy regarding Australia Day. There shouldn't be any controversy. However, the virtue signallers often woke foreign-owned corporations and local lefty councils all get on board wanting to ban Australia Day. Then we have the inner-city Chardonnay sipping socialists, the loony greens, the not-so-independent Teals, and the numerous organisations representing the First Nations People of Australia. These self-identified Aboriginals with more white DNA than black DNA.

This combined lot call Australia Day Invasion Day. In 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip, commander of the first fleet of 11 ships, sailed into Botany Bay NSW and, on January 26th, 1788, established a convict settlement in Port Jackson. He proclaimed Australia as a British colony. This small fleet, which mainly consisted of half-starved wretched convicts, male and female, hardly constituted an invasion. It was the only invasion in history in which not one shot was fired, and no one was killed. The only actual attempted invasion of Australia was by the Japanese in the 2nd WW—Australian armed forces, white and Aboriginal, with the help of the US Navy, defeated the Japanese.

The First Nations people and their fellow travellers should be pragmatic. Britain colonised a vast continent sparsely populated by Stone Age people. If it hadn't been the British, it might have been the French, Dutch, German, Spanish or Portuguese. The Spanish and Portuguese carried out genocide of the indigenous people in their South American colonies, murdering millions. Think about it. How long did the indigenous people envisage that they could have maintained their lifestyle before other peoples settled on the continent? The fact is Australia's population is now close to 27 million. The lifestyle First Nations people once lived can never be again.

The early settlers and the colonial masters, with British soldiers, carried out mass murder and other atrocities on the indigenous people of Australia. No argument atrocities were committed. The indigenous people of Australia were treated appallingly for a long time, and covert and overt racism existed. Religious zealots forced their religious practices on Aboriginal people. Children were removed from their families. Aboriginals were barred from town swimming pools and banned from hotels. Schools were segregated, and Aboriginals were jailed for trivial offences and exploited by cattle barons. Aboriginal people had every right to be angry and aggrieved.

Today, these practices no longer exist. The leaders of Aboriginal groups with obviously more white DNA than Black DNA should reflect it's possible their white ancestors perpetrated atrocities on their black ancestors. Today, 55% of Australia is under native title. Yes, this and other improvements were achieved by activists for Aboriginal people. However, please stop this hatred of anything invented or built by whites. Radical ratbags identifying as Aboriginal and constantly attacking whites do not help Aboriginals; it just alienates people. We, the majority, are not your enemy. Most Australians hail Aboriginal achievements in sports and other endeavours and want to live harmoniously with First Nations People. However, it can't be denied problems exist that can only be remedied by Aboriginals helping themselves. And please, enough with the welcome to country, smoking ceremonies, tedious and unnecessary.

Today, Australia is a wealthy, vibrant, multi-cultural democracy. I believe it's not without problems: cost of living, housing shortage, youth crime, etc. However, in many endeavours, Australia punches way above its weight in sports, business, medicine and inventions. Immigrants and Aboriginal people built Australia into what it is today; from around the world, immigrants came to Australia hoping for a better life. Millions of 'New Australians' received their citizenship on Australia Day.

One only has to look at our sporting heroes—tennis, golf, cricket, AFL, NRL, and other sports. The children of immigrants are outstanding participants. Our politicians are many migrants and 11 Aboriginals in parliament. My point is that Australians originate from many different ethnic backgrounds. Everyone should be proud of their ethnicity, but be Australian first. When we witness these sporting heroes trying their best, we witness the fact they are not playing for their parent's country of origin but for Australia. There are numerous examples.

We should have a national day to celebrate Australia's many varied achievements—however, the cancel culture, the whinging elites, the white flagellating guilt trippers. This lot would only be satisfied if Australia Day was held on February 30th.

The supermarket, Woolworths and their department store Big W the W stands for either Woke or wanker. This foreign-owned conglomerate banned selling Australia Day merchandise. In protest, I filled a trolly with goods and mixed beef with pork. I passed through the lone cash register with an actual human being. Instead of paying $380,00, I pulled an Australian flag from my back pocket, draped the trolley, shouted Aussie Aussie Oi Oi and walked off; I received applause from startled shoppers. Woolworths sells merchandise for Ramadan, India's Diwali Day. The LGBTQIABCYYZ lot gets a whole fucking month of Pride Month. fucked if I know what they are proud of. Anzacs only receive one day. The Australian Tennis Open shuns Australia Day events but holds gay pride events. Maybe to cater to the lesbian players. Who exhibits expertise with balls? That's tennis balls; they never handle any other type of balls. These girls display great skill in licking their opponents and sometimes their teammates.

Australians celebrate Australia Day with some unique events. Yes, lamb and beef Bar B Q's, getting pissed. Shaza and Bazza arrive in their Thailand, built American-owned Ford Ranger decked out in Aussie flags with the obligatory sticker, a map of Australia with the prose 'Love It Or Fuck Off.'

Our high-class cultural events include thong throwing. In the US A, they have dwarf-throwing competitions, so redneck, we in Australia maintain a higher standard. We have competitions for beer-drinking, wet T/Shirt competitions restricted to those born female, no blokes with bolt-ons: mullet hairstyle events, the biggest beer belly competition, and wife-carrying races.

The lefty loonies, those obsessed with cancel culture encouraged by the GAYBC, a festering fetid swamp of po-faced presenters with appearances more suited to radio, these overpaid, under-worked painful presenters hop on the Invasion Day bandwagon.

Albanese, a lisping, insipid, incompetent union lackey, leads Australia's Socialist Labor Party. Seriously, Albanese and the Labor Party are about banning Australia Day by stealth. The Australian Labor Party now only caters to inner-city craft beer Bolsheviks—the rainbow regime alphabet people. And greenies. Labor possesses a pathological hatred of the working class, once their main voter base. Now, Shazza and Bazza should remember the Labor Party wants to ban your SUV. The Australian Labor Party is no longer a worker's party; it has become a party for wankers, not workers. They should change their slogan to the Woksters' party.

If Labor had their way, we'd all be celebrating Pride Month. Our Prime Minister marched with that lot. What is he doing on Australia Day? If he is in Australia. We celebrate Naidoc week. An Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander week, yes, celebrate.

My point is we don't have a problem celebrating Pride Month; I'm still perplexed about what they celebrate; we celebrate Naidoc Week, and Woke wanker corporations get on board for Ramadan. India's National Day, Halloween, St Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christian Holidays. The Full Moon and a Blue Moon. The irony is that these lefty loonies never had a problem with the Queen's birthday, the head of Colonial Britain. So why can't we celebrate a national day for Australia?

Let's celebrate Australia and its people, many races, religions. Let us all be proud of our achievements and unite as one nation. No, not Pauline Hanson's One Nation, our nation, the greatest nation, Australia.

Danny Mullane

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