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The Washington Post: Democracy Died in Their Darkness

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

The Washington Post: A Recent Review Reveals A Crisis of Credibility

The Washington Post, one of the most respected and influential newspapers in the United States, recently conducted a review of its own reporting, specifically the claims made by its reporter, Philip Bump. This move was about as surprising as the Rachel Madow stage show still having tickets available. The review and the Post's subsequent stance raise serious concerns about the state of journalism today and the credibility of one of its most esteemed institutions.

Bump claimed that Lafayette Park was cleared to allow a photo op by the President, a claim that was debunked by an Inspector General report. The report found that the clearing was not done to allow the President to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church. Yet, the Post stood by Bump's original claims, making one wonder if they also believe that Donald Trump once took in millions of dollars through his Crack addicted son from corrupt foreign nationals.

On the topic of the Hunter Biden laptop and campaign spying, Bump asserted that the laptop was seeded by Russian intelligence and that there was never any FBI spying on the Trump campaign. These claims were contradicted by other media organizations and official reports. For example, media organizations, including the New York Times, later admitted that the laptop was authentic. Additionally, it was shown that the surveillance did target both the campaign and campaign associates. Despite this overwhelming evidence, the Post insisted that Bump was correct in his assertions. It's like insisting the View hosts are thoughtful, considerate individuals that have a purpose and role to play in society beyond their race bait, Trump derangement syndrome.

Bump and the Post also continued to foster the Russian conspiracy theories, even though FBI officials acknowledged that the Russian collusion investigation was based on false reports, including the Steele dossier. The Special Counsel found that the investigation lacked a factual foundation for the full investigation launched under former FBI Director James Comey. Despite this, the Post stood by Bump’s continued fostering of the Russian conspiracy theories, making their stance as credible as nuns doing push-ups in a cucumber field.

The Washington Post's recent actions are not just a reflection on its own credibility, but cast a shadow on the credibility of all mainstream media outlets. In an era where trust in mainstream media is already at an all-time low, it is imperative for news organizations to adhere to the highest standards of journalism. This includes rigorous fact-checking, transparency, and a willingness to correct mistakes.

Unfortunately, the Post's decision to stand by Philip Bump's claims, despite substantial evidence to the contrary, suggests a systemic failure in these regards. This not only damages the Post's own reputation but undermines public trust in journalism as a whole, reinforcing the perception that mainstream media outlets are no longer reliable sources of truth. This is a damning indictment of the state of journalism today and underscores the urgent need for reform if we are to restore public trust in the media.

Stay Safe, Stay Curious and for goodness sake, dont believe anything you hear from the 10,000.


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