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The Woke World of the Future - How it could be for us all

We, the majority of ordinary people, work hard to pay off a mortgage and put food on the table to educate our children. We don’t want to put up with all this politically correct bullshit. This is my imagined new, woke world of the future.

WARNING: The Following Article is an Opinion Piece written by The Anonymous Author Mullane. This article respresents his views and not that of The Anonymous Publishing House. Free speech as well as freedom of expression and opinion are a fundimental and natural right for all. Censorship will only ever silence the truth and in the persuit of free speech there may be times where you read words objectionable to you and your beliefs. Either contest and debate the opinions expressed, or skip to the next article/video.

We might not agree with the words written below, but we will fight til our last breath for the authors rights to say them.

This is my imagined new, woke world of the future. I am fearful for my children and their children. However, unless people today stand up to the excesses of the inner city chardonnay socialists, the craft beer Bolsoviks, the lunatic greens and the extremists in the Labor Party, lefties have also infiltrated the Liberal Party. This will become the new world order. I get it: people are afraid to question absurdities. They fear being labelled a bigot, a homophobe, a transphobe plus plus.

This scenario is a lefty nutter’s dream. All pronouns referring to gender are banned: He, she, him, her, girl, boy, male, female, mother, father, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew—all labelled persons or them, they. Girlfriends, boyfriends, husband, wife all changed to partners. Pregnant women, now called birthing persons. Breastfeeding becomes chest-feeding.

Other compulsory name changes. Drug addicts, alcoholics, substance abusers, elderly senior citizens, Sex change, transitioners, and the insane are now labelled mental issues. The word exotic was banned outright, insulting to women of colour. This one angers me: Pedophile changed to MAP Minor Attracted Person. Bullshit, they are rock spiders, kiddy fiddlers, nonce.

To cater to the trans community. All male toilets now have to have sanitary dispensers for when trans men get their period. A trans woman crowned Miss World—the record holder of women’s weight lifting, a 190 cm 150-kilo trans female. The Hot 100 Australian women recently announced they included an ex-footballer who has had the cut and shut and dresses in drag with an ill-fitting blonde wig. I assume Hot means attractive, sexual appeal. To name an ex-footballer who resembles Hulk Hogan in a dress as being hot. The judges need a trip to spec savers. Also, what an insult to real women.

Males that compete in women’s sports. This is wrong; males have 68% more muscle mass, larger lung capacity, and more substantial bone structure; their heart pumps more blood, and in most cases, they are more substantial. In swimming events, males have the advantage of a rudder. Now, to all the pro-trans saying, “Oh, their testosterone is low, they have been castrated. As an ex-racing horse journalist, geldings were among the greatest racehorses ever in harness and thoroughbred racing. Sans testicles never hindered their performance.

All transport must be electric petrol and diesel vehicles banned. All motorsports are forbidden. Wind farms or solar panels must generate all electricity. Vast swathes of fertile agricultural farmland have been forcibly acquired for this purpose. Mass blackouts occur regularly when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.

All food must be vegetarian or vegan; free-range or organic eggs are the same as ordinary eggs but covered in shit. All meat is banned and replaced with plant-based substitute fake meats. Dairy foods, milk, cheese, and yogurt are banned because cows’ flatulence harms the planet. The World Health Organisation, which pushes to ban cows to save the earth, is funded by Bill Gates. Bill Gates also owns the biggest fake meat company in the world. Once, I accidentally bought plant-based sausages; someone slipped fake snags into the real meat section. My wife said we couldn’t waste food, so she cooked them. The taste was like an empty toilet roll stuffed with polystyrene. Our dog also refused to eat them.

All corporations must have diversity in their workforce; diversity is a euphemism for non-white. A large corporation’s board of directors would represent today’s society. Fat, ugly females so as not to objectify them. A black male and female, a homosexual and a lesbian, a trans male and female, and, of course, a Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, atheist. Plus, a dwarf-sorry person of small stature and a disabled person in a wheelchair. These are the only qualifications required. The fines for not adhering to these new laws are in the millions. All political parties must also adhere to these laws. Some cunning, enterprising companies circumvent this ludicrous law and save money. They search for a black homosexual dwarf in a wheelchair and a Buddhist—a trans lesbian who is fat and ugly. Should not have any trouble fitting that criteria.

Schools will teach history as seen through the eyes of the woke wankers. In 1788, the day the British claimed Australia as a colony will now be called Invasion Day. All place names, towns, cities, suburbs, and rivers English words have been erased and replaced with hard-to-pronounce Aboriginal names. Any person referring to Sydney instead of Gadigal will be fined or jailed. School uniforms now consist of a tunic for all pupils, no more boys and girls. All toilets are unisex. All sport is mixed. All pronouns referring to gender are banned. During Pride Month, all children must wear rainbow colours.

All entertainment, TV shows, movies, and commercials must display a range of racial and sexual diversity. Same-sex couples, yes; mixed-race couples, yes; same-race couples, no way. Has anyone else noticed most Netflix movies? The hero is a coloured guy, and the villain is portrayed as an evil, non-intelligent white male.

Of course, diversity is a natural occurrence. However, I can’t comprehend the forced diversity. The total upheaval of traditional family values, A world without a jucy big steak, bacon and eggs, ham off the bone, a Christmas Turkey. Speaking of Christmas, it has been changed to the holiday season.

All toy shops are no longer boys’ and girls’ toys, just children’s. Dolls for boys, dump trucks for girls.

Public holidays have all changed. Australia Day has been replaced with First Nations Day. Smoking and Welcome to Country are compulsory ceremonies before every significant or insignificant sporting event. Flags displayed are the Australian flag sans the Union Jack, plus the Aboriginal, Torres straight flag, the rainbow gay flag and the trans flag. These minorities are probably less than 10% of the population.

The lunatic greens, not content with all these radical changes, still want us all to live in a cave munching on a lettuce leaf, smoking the wacky backy and taking it up the arse. I was never worried about homosexuality being made legal. However, I am terrified of the alphabet people and the rainbow regime making it compulsory.

Our borders are now open; come on in. The Australian taxpayer will clothe, feed, and home illegal migrants. With these brain surgeons, nuclear physicists have been welcomed. Crime will have increased exponentially. Drug-taking prostitution is no longer illegal. Car theft is no longer a criminal offence, changed to misuse of a motor vehicle. New laws will not allow prison time for these traumatised newcomers. Their only punishment will be counselling sessions.

Senior citizens living in their homes they worked hard for and struggled to pay off. The government will force the resumption of these homes for families and refugees, and the owners will have to go to a retirement home or a nursing facility. Death duties will apply to estates over a specific value.

These are not fanciful thoughts from my right-wing nut job conspiracy theory brain. These are the dreams of the lefty socialists, and inner-city woke wankers with a useless arts degree residing in a tiny, tarted-up terrace. These joyless snobs who despise the working class. Witness the sanctimonious sneering of the recent referendum and how the people who voted no were called uneducated. People of Australia, this is the future; unless we all say enough, I won’t take it anymore. Demand that you can cook a steak on the Bar B Que, a real sausage. Natural milk, not some soy nut juice. Demand the right to drive your diesel Ford Ranger or V8 petrol vintage Holden. Please stand up for your children to allow your sons to be masculine and your daughters to be feminine. Employers demand the freedom to hire the best person for the job and not based on political correctness. Tell the rainbow regime I don’t care what you do. However, don’t tell me it’s normal and impose your chosen lifestyle onto vulnerable children. Demand the right to insult people and offend people. Being offended is the price of freedom of speech.

We, the majority of ordinary people, work hard to pay off a mortgage and put food on the table to educate our children. We don’t want to put up with all this politically correct bullshit. All political parties, be warned the people aren’t mugs. As the voice referendum showed, we are sick of the bullshit. Govern for all people, not minorities and inner-city lefty luvvies.

Danny Mullane

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