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What Suprised Assange the Most When he Looked Behind the Curtain?

Julian Assange's Disturbing Revelation: Unmasking the Hidden Horrors of War, Exposing Unthinkable War Crimes, and Unraveling the Global Chess Game of Power and Greed Behind It All

Hey there, folks! Today, we're diving into a topic that's both shocking and deeply unsettling. It's a story that goes back over a decade when a certain Julian Assange, the man behind Wikileaks, unveiled a horrifying truth about modern warfare. Its just as relevent today as we speed towards WW3 like a panelist on the View running towards a cake shop. See the Video at the bottom of my article.

Assange was once asked what surprised him the most after sifting through thousands of classified documents and videos from various leaks. His response? It was the grim reality of post-9/11 wars. These conflicts weren't just about soldiers battling in far-off lands; they were characterized by something far more sinister - the deliberate killing of civilians, sometimes intentionally and sometimes by tragic accident, all while these regions were supposedly under control.

One chilling story that Assange shared involved a young girl in a yellow dress. She would stroll through the war-torn streets, offering candy to soldiers, who would, in turn, treat her kindly. It was a glimmer of humanity amid the chaos. But then, one fateful day, a tank operator decided to end her life for no apparent reason. It's a heartbreaking tale that sheds light on the atrocities that often went unreported.

This is the kind of uncomfortable truth that many Americans prefer to avoid discussing. It's the grim reality that Wikileaks exposed to the world - a shocking number of war crimes committed by the U.S. military. Some were simply following orders, while others went rogue, callously taking innocent lives.

How does this relate to today's events? Well, it's all about the narratives we're fed. When mainstream media and the military continually tell us that "these people hate us, they want us all dead, they hate America, they hate freedom," they create a dehumanized image of the enemy. This portrayal leads to a disturbing consequence: some individuals, devoid of empathy, become willing to kill innocents, even children. We're witnessing echoes of this in the ongoing conflict between Hamas in Palestine and Israel.

Remember those early Wikileaks videos? The soldier tossing a puppy off a cliff for no reason? The troops entering homes and ruthlessly wiping out entire families, including children, without verifying if they were "terrorists" or not? Those disturbing visuals have haunted many of us for years, serving as a stark reminder of the horrors of war.

And here's the harsh truth: these acts aren't exclusive to one nation or military. Similar incidents occur worldwide, revealing a broader societal issue. We've grown desensitized to war and death. We've been conditioned to perceive the enemy as subhuman, deserving of total annihilation. But who or what is driving this toxic mindset?

It's time for every American to confront a sobering reality - the U.S. military has committed terrible acts, just as shocking as the recent events involving Hamas and Israel. Advocating for more war, more death, and more destruction only serves the interests of the shadowy figures who profit from these conflicts. It's time to stop being pawns in their dangerous games.

So, folks, as we delve into Assange's revelations, remember that all wars have a hidden side - a side that exposes the ugly truth about humanity's capacity for cruelty. It's up to us to question the narratives we're fed and to strive for a world where such horrors are but a distant memory.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and here's a snippet of the interview I have been referring to.


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