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Mondays With Mullane - Ep05 The New World

Each Way Albo has to go, and hopefully he will take the rest of the boof heads with him.

The Following Article is an Opinion Piece written by The Anonymous Author Mullane. This article respresents his views and not that of The Anonymous Publishing House. Free speech as well as freedom of expression and opinion are a fundimental and natural right for all. Censorship will only ever silence the truth and in the persuit of free speech there may be times where you read words objectionable to you and your beliefs. Either contest and debate the opinions expressed, or skip to the next article/video.

We might not agree with the words written below, but we will fight til our last breath for the authors rights to say them.

Our world is changing, the lunatics are now running the asylum. Let's look at our own country, Australia. We now have an extreme-left socialist government in power. Our Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, is an ex-communist and a fanatically committed socialist. Albanese has never run a business or worked for a private enterprise, he proudly boasts that for a good part of his life, he sucked on welfare tits. Albanese prepares to make Australia another Venezuela.

Labor Party's climate change policy will send Australia broke. Already, companies are closing down Reflex Copy Paper closed and Sorbent toilet tissue closed down after their gas prices increased by 300% they have moved production to Indonesia. Indonesia buys its gas from us. The consequence was that 70 Australians lost their jobs. So remember, when you use the gentlest tissue on your arsehole, it's made in Indonesia. The Labor Party wants to close down coal mines and coal-fired power stations, our biggest exports. This will destroy the country, increase unemployment, and result in higher electricity prices. Dan Andrews, who has made an art form out of incompetence, has banned gas for new homes and buildings.

Anthony Albanese is obsessed with catering to loud-voiced white Aboriginals and has divided the nation along racial lines. Albanese, like a lot in the current Labor Party, has abandoned their core supporters, working-class mums and dads who both work to pay a mortgage, put food on the table, put petrol in their cars, and send their children to sporting events. Mr. Prime Minister, do you really think these people struggling at the moment, think in their minds that the most important issue is a so-called voice to Parliament by an unelected people identifying as "first nations people."

These unelected people, representing 3% of the population, will make laws affecting 97% of the population. First Nations people receive billions in welfare, plus billions in mining royalties.

How much more do they want?

Albanese and the labor loonies are now obsessed with catering to the inner city's woke wankers, the latte-sipping chardonnay socialists, and the craft beer Bolsheviks. These hipsters residing in a tiny tarted-up terrace in possession of a useless uni degree in the arts. These people embrace the sexually confused the LGBTQIAIDSCOCKSUKERXYZ lot, My apologies if I have omitted any section of this chosen lifestyle lot. These wokesters despise working-class people living in the Western suburbs and aspiring to own a Ford Ranger or a V8 Mustang. No, if one must own a car it must be electric.

The media are complicit in the new world order, Take the Australian women's soccer team. I must confess that I find soccer a wasted two-hour game. However, I may be in the minority and yes our girls have been great. But why is the media obsessed with the teams' sexuality? Ok, most are lesbians, we get it. But look at the stories this comes particularly from the government-funded GAYBC they talk about these girls wife's fiancees,s how one had artificial insemination, I mean who knows if she got pregnant with the one-eyed trouser snake she may have converted back to normal.

The Labor Party now wants to ban free speech - everything someone writes will have to be fact-checked. In other words, the only fact will be if they do or don't agree with what we say. They are not banning hate speech, they are banning speech they hate.

State Labor governments are incompetent in their running of the states. Anna Pluckachook weakened crime laws and legalised abortions, recreational drug use and prostitution.QLD now has the highest crime rate second only to the Northern Territory, and we know the population make up there. QLD catering to a minority has made it legal for Sikhs to carry knives. Now if I was an outback redneck bushie I'd be up in arms. Excuse the pun. They could say, "Hey, what about my gun?"

Now what alternative governments are there for people to vote for? The LNP is at the moment confused; they have abandoned their core voters, small business people, aspirational voters, and the ambitious. The people who could not give a rat's arse about pronouns The liberal Party got rid of two outstanding women. Moira Deeming and Catherines Deeves, These two women stood up for the rights of real females and questioned why cocks in frocks are allowed to participate in women's sports.

Can we get back to, for want of a better word, some normality? Liberal Party bosses, please get back to your core voters and abandon the left's lunacy.

We no longer manufacture anything in Australia; high wages and other expenses have made us uncompetitive. So minerals in the ground are our saviours. Coal, gas, aluminium, copper, iron ore, gold, diamonds, plus other minerals. We don't manufacture, so if we lose mining, what will we become? To quote Paul Keating, "A banana republic."

Anthony Albanese, please govern for the people of Australia, not just the 3% you are obsessed with. Spend time in working-class suburbs and talk to people in business; spend less time at Aboriginal corroborees and the bullshit-smoking ceremonies; and welcome to the country. Stop licking the arse metaphorically, speaking with half-naked faggots at gay pride marches. What are they proud of, "Oh Cedric, I took a 9-inch cock up my arse. I'm so proud."

Australia is a great country, the most successful multicultural country in the world. Australia's richness and lifestyle were mostly built by post-2nd WW baby boomers and immigrants. In the 1980s we had immigrants from Asia hard-working, family-oriented, and entrepreneurial. These people often arrived in Australia with nothing. English is often not their first language, and within ten years running a business, buy a home, and send their children to private schools. They didn't have to live here for 60,000 years to achieve these results.

I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren, who now live in this crazy world. A world where a white heterosexual male is seen as a toxic threat and where a male can win a female beauty pageant. The fastest female swimmer is a six-foot male with the advantage of a rudder. It's a world where B-grade actors are regularly asked to comment on world affairs. What makes them qualified, acting is a job the same as a hairdresser or an electrician.

Can we go back to the days when males were masculine, women feminine, and a tranny was a portable radio you listened to? ok, no tranny's we now have blue tooth?

Danny Mullane

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