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Mondays With Mullane - Ep11 Freedom of Speech

The most taboo word in the English language is the dreaded C word. Its origins are from the Dutch word Kont.


The Following Article is an Opinion Piece written by The Anonymous Author Mullane. This article respresents his views and not that of The Anonymous Publishing House. Free speech as well as freedom of expression and opinion are a fundimental and natural right for all. Censorship will only ever silence the truth and in the persuit of free speech there may be times where you read words objectionable to you and your beliefs. Either contest and debate the opinions expressed, or skip to the next article/video.

We might not agree with the words written below, but we will fight til our last breath for the authors rights to say them.

The English language has a vast array of words. These words are derived from all the countries that invaded the British Isles and settled, becoming what is now known as the English language: 29% French, 29% Latin, 26% Old Norse, 6% Greek, 10% unknown. This melting pot makes for an extensive vocabulary.

However, as times and standards change, so does what is an accepted word and what is not. The N-word that dares not speak its name was once part of everyday language. Nigger Boy SoapPads, Nigger Boy Licorice, Agatha Christies; Ten Little Nigger Boys. Biggles, even the comic book hero, Fighter Pilot’s black Labrador, was called Nigger. The word derives from Latin, meaning black. Yes, I agree it should be banned because the word is used to denigrate a race. However, other names derogatory of various races don’t have the same intense scrutiny or disdain.

The most taboo word in the English language is the dreaded C word. Its origins are from the Dutch word Kont, The Danish word Kunte and the Norse word Kunta. I love this word; This word can be used in a variety of different connotations. To give someone the ultimate insult, to describe a bad day, to use it to describe a female’s genitalia. In Australia, it is often used as an endearment, “Poor Cunt.” Call someone a SOC “Silly Old Cunt.” In Queensland, a person was charged with calling a police officer a cunt. The magistrate dismissed the charge, saying it was now part of everyday usage. The ABC does frequently drop the C word by its not funny presenters identifying as comedians.

The word Root in Australia has an entirely different meaning than the word in the UK or the US. In those countries, it means tree roots or cheering for a sporting event, “I’m rooting for you.” In Australia, Root and Rooting means fucking. Speaking of the word fucking, when was the last time you called it intercourse?

Some slang words, once part of everyday speech, now come under The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner. When I was young, I was warned about Poofters, not homosexuals. If used today to describe the perpetually offended rainbow regime, this slang term could have you up before a woke lefty discrimination commissioner. The BBC has banned brilliant comedies for using the word poofter. However, other slang terms are not banned: Bum Bandits, Donut Dunkers—shirt Lifters, Pillow Biters. The word Faggot can get you into trouble; however, it used to mean a bundle of sticks tied together to light a fire, or a fag was a cigarette. The Biblical word Sodomite is not forbidden.

Now, the word gay means cheerful, joyous, not anymore, because nowadays it is exclusively used by homosexuals and lesbians. The Alphabet people purloined the word gay. By choosing the word Gay, which was once a female first name, they did to that name what Hitler did to the name Adolf. The Lesbians thought Gay was better than Dyke or Carpet Muncher, Snatch Slurper, Pussy Prowler. However, Dyke is banned on Facebook. Write it for 30 days in FB jail. A Dyke is what the Dutch built to stop lands below sea level flooding. We have all heard the story of the young boy sticking his finger in the Dyke to stop a leak. Is this the word origin, you know, stick your finger in? Certain people are now pushing to ban the phrase pedophile. They want it replaced with the word MAPS Minor Attracted Persons. I don’t give a rat’s arse. There are other words: Kiddy Fidler, Rock Spider, Nonce. First, they came for the cheese. Coon Cheese was banned. The word Coon was called after the founder of the cheese company Edward William Coon. Eskimo Pie suffered the same fate.

The woke warriors are now trying to ban Paul’s Smarter White Milk; the Colonial Brewery is only 100 years old. Unilever removed the word normal from its shampoo because it offended people with hair that was not normal. FFS, what about us, baldies? If Prince Harry and Ed Sheerin protested, they would ban Ginger Nut Biscuits. The Lebanese have complained to the

discrimination commissioner. Their complaint is the use of the word Lebanese Cucumber. Their reason is that it’s about a quarter the size of a Continental Cucumber. The Lebanese say

this causes hurt among Lebanese men who equate it to their penis size. The Dutch want the slang saying Dutch Oven banned; a Dutch Oven is when someone farts in bed—insulting Dutch people.

Now, on Facebook bans, I have been banned 96 times. I am a slow learner. I now know the prohibited words. Some of these bans are beyond comprehension. When the Queen Of England died. I replied to a headline: The Elderly Queen Of England has died. So I wrote that it’s a shame I liked some of Elton John’s music. Also, I commented on the preference of the Royal Family to marry cousins and cover up pedophiles. I was banned for 24 hours. I once mentioned the Royal Family’s German origins and inbreeding banned for three days. Now, one of my bans was regarding snakes. I commented on a story about a snake catcher. I said why release a vile, disgusting creature like a snake? A good snake is a dead snake. This was deemed against community standards and inciting violence more severe than insulting the Royal family. I copped a 30-day ban. Is it only me, or has anyone noticed that Facebook only bans more conservative alternative views than lefty ones? The left can insult and denigrate Christians. Any opinion right of Mao and they label you a fascist or a Right Wing Nut Job. On Facebook, the rainbow regime, Islam, and Feminists, any hint of derogatory mention incurs an instant ban.

Two past Australian Prime Ministers were both so manifestly incompetent their parties got rid of them. Kevin Rudd ‘Rudd The Dud’ and Malcolm Turnbull, ‘MalcomnTurdbullshit.”These two spectacular failures are lobbying to ban the Murdoch media, both delusional that somehow Rupert Murdoch caused their dismissal. They flatter Rupert. Of course, this is not new ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating tried to get all election advertising and editorials banned. Even the Labor Party thought this was a step too outrageous. I know the Murdoch media is right of centre. But what about the left-of-centre media, the quasi-commo The Guardian ( my Opinion), The New Daily, Crikey. And a special mention for the ABC nicknamed The GAYBC. An infested leftist festering fetid swamp. Its po-faced presenters spewed vile, vitriolic, vociferous loathing to anyone who disagreed with their extreme leftist Marxist ideologies. The ABC never engages in reasoned debate but denounces and denigrates those deemed to have transgressed. However, the ABC does not come under the scrutiny of the woke wankers. The big difference between ABC and Murdoch is that ABC is government-funded, and its charter is to be unbiased.

Any semblance of ABC impartiality is nonexistent. The Australian Labor Party is endeavouring to enact legislation called The Disinformation Bill. It simply means if anyone says or prints something they deem as disinformation, that person or organisation can be prosecuted with fines or a prison sentence. What is the difference between Disinfomation and Misinfomation? Most importantly, who decides what is fact and what isn’t fact? Did the author make a genuine mistake, or was what was written malevolent? Was it mistaken, or was it deliberate?

The Western world is entering a dangerous era. Freedom of speech is under attack like never before. We have witnessed some horrific examples of Dan Andrews, the socialist dictator of Victoriastan, sending Police officers to arrest a pregnant woman in her pyjamas. Her crime was she said something to Facebook Chairman Dan disagreed with. The world watched on TV the disgusting arrest by seven police officers in the UK arresting a 16-year-old autistic girl. What terrible crime did this girl commit? This girl called a conspicuous female police officer a Lesbian.

University lecturers and school teachers have been dismissed from their positions for not calling trans by their chosen nouns. Trannys are a minute percentage of the population. However, they wield tremendous power beyond their numbers. Their claims are mind- boggling. They want to ban all references to gender. They have adopted ambiguity about the


The lefty loonies and the white Aboriginals want to ban Australia Day; they want it moved to the 30 th of February. Climate change fanatics want to ban fossil fuels. Do they realise how many products are derived from oil, Plastics, fabrics and even the asphalt of our roads? They want to ban internal combustion engines—all petrol and diesel cars, trucks, SUVs. At my age, if these ratbags sat on a road blocking my path, I am afraid of what I might do. At my age, if I went to prison, I’m too old and ugly to get fucked. I’d end up in a jail for elderly inmates.

They are banning free speech under the guise of prohibiting hate speech; they are not banning hate speech; they are banning speech they hate. A malignant cancel culture is eroding freedom of speech under the guise of liberal diversity. Never before have people been so afraid to question absurdity for fear of being labelled a bigot, a homophobe, an Islamaphobe, a transphobe, a fascist, or a right-wing nut job. Well, that means I am a right-wing nut job. I love my V8 petrol 4WD SUV. I always vote conservative. I believe marriage is only between males and females; there are only two genders. I want the right to insult people; being offended is the price of freedom of speech. I must clarify that by saying yes, people should not be abused because of their race, religion or sexuality. Also, inciting violence against a person or persons should be banned. However, let people be able to say anything else without fear of being prosecuted. As previously stated, times change, and standards change. We can't erase the past by tearing down statues because the statue is of a white male who may have transgressed in the past by todays standards and accepted practices. Let us leave the past as it is.

Danny Mullane

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