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Mondays With Mullane - Ep13 - Migrants, Legal and Illegal

The Australian Labor Party is changing the rules regarding immigrants coming to Australia via a "Student Visa."

WARNING: The Following Article is an Opinion Piece written by The Anonymous Author Mullane. This article respresents his views and not that of The Anonymous Publishing House. Free speech as well as freedom of expression and opinion are a fundimental and natural right for all. Censorship will only ever silence the truth and in the persuit of free speech there may be times where you read words objectionable to you and your beliefs. Either contest and debate the opinions expressed, or skip to the next article/video.

We might not agree with the words written below, but we will fight til our last breath for the authors rights to say them.

The Australian Labor Party is changing the rules regarding immigrants coming to Australia via a student Visa." They come to Australia and enrol in a privately owned college with dubious credentials. They pay for a course in some professions Australia is short of. The college gives them phoney diplomas in these various professions.

The so-called students, in reality, are working full-time. They work in 7/11 service stations, pick up supermarket trolleys, and drive taxis or Uber. They buy a business under the Business Migration Act to obtain permanent residency. They need to employ four Australians and run this business for two years. They then sell to a fellow compatriot, and the process starts again.

I was recently involved in this scam. We own a freehold hamburger joint. My tenant sold subject to my transferring the lease. He sold to an Indian on a student visa, supposedly studying business administration at a private Brisbane business college. Genuine international students are welcome, and when they graduate from an actual learning institution, they should be welcome to apply for permanent residency.

When I did my due diligence on this guy, he worked full-time in a restaurant. His visa was only for another year. He showed me poorly forged bank statements showing how much money he had. Now, even if he did check out, here is the killer. He is a Hindu. I questioned him. The Hindu religion regards cows as sacred. How will you handle beef or bacon? His reply I will sell non-meat burgers. Non-meat burgers in a rough, tough working-class suburb, the shop has successfully sold burgers with bacon for 25 years.

I refused to assign the lease. His solicitor, a fellow countryman, threatened me with discrimination. I replied I'll expose the fact he has never attended college. I never heard back.

The other rort is they claim asylum. This process can take up to ten years, but they can work meanwhile. Millions are spent on court cases.

The nine terrorists shot dead by police in Australia were let in as refugees. Refugees in Australia have not been good migrants in contrast to the genuine refugees welcomed after the 2ndWW. The post-war refugees were genuinely displaced or were fleeing communism.

Our recent refugees from the Middle East and African countries have proven poor at adjusting to a first-world country with a democratic government and equal rights for women. A high crime rate exists among these people. These people do little to learn English or adopt Western values but rather try to change our way of life and traditions. For example, we all pay a Halal tax on 80% of our food to Muslims. This tax raises millions.

Can you imagine the outcry if, for instance, the Catholics, the Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs or the Baptists tried to tax our food and the money went to them?

I am not against migration. Migrants built Australia. Before the 2nd WW, mainly from the British Isles, post 2nd WW from Europe and in the 1980s from Asia and South America. These enterprising, dynamic migrants arrived legally and have contributed to Australia in many fields. One only has to take note of the number of children of Asian migrants who are now in the medical profession.

I am against illegal migrants. Under the Rudd/ Gillard/ Rudd government, 50,000 illegals arrived by boat, primarily young males from the Middle East. These people paid people smugglers and passed through many Muslim countries before arriving on Australia's shores. Why Australia? The simple reason is that Australia has a generous welfare system.

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA needed migrants to populate and build those countries. Australia has to reach a limit on migration. We are a dry continent with a housing shortage for those already here. Migrants must enter a country legally. When a nation loses control of its borders, it ceases to be a country and becomes a territory.

The USA under President Biden, who has been letting in 100,000 illegals a month, will now complete Donald Trump's wall on the Mexican border. The increased crime rate, drug smuggling, child trafficking, prostitution, enormous cost and dire consequences under an open border policy have finally hit home.

Next, we talk about Europe—those small countries in area size with already substantial populations. The UK 500,000 cross the channel every year. The UK, a small island of 65 million, does not require migrants, whether they be legal or illegal. They increased crime welfare dependency. Cities in the UK now have the indigenous population outnumbered. Mayors are Indian or Pakistani. They give preference to their compatriots over real British people. Knife crimes, and gang rapes, have increased exponentially committed by these new arrivals.

When a dingy comes ashore loaded with primarily young males, they are not brain surgeons or nuclear scientists. They are uneducated, have little English with no money and will be welfare-dependent for many years. They are economic refugees only. Enoch Powel warned Britain all those years ago; his words now come back to haunt those who let Britain be invaded.

Britain in the 2nd WW fought bravely the might of Germany for many years alone, and they won. Admiral Nelson defeated the Spanish invaders. However, Britain cannot defend itself against invaders arriving in a rubber dinghy; Winston Churchill must be rolling over in his grave. Britain has not been spared terrorist attacks by these migrants. The London bus bombing, The Manchester football stadium, plus many others. However, what can you expect when seven out of ten male babies are named Mohammed? It is estimated by 2047, indigenous Britains will be a minority. Ireland now has a horrific crime rate perpetrated by African migrants. And worst, an Indian gay prime minister. Where is the IRA when you need them?

On the European continent, France has numerous terrorist attacks. Police are now on the streets armed with machine guns, so much for the city of love. Illegal migrants camped on the streets have turned Paris into a third-world shithole. Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece. Greece fought for 350 years against the Turks to retain Christianity. Unlawful arrivals are swamping these countries.

Denmark is finally cracking down on the refugees it has accepted; they are doing this to curb these refugees' rapidly rising crime rate. Once the safest country in the world, Sweden is now ranked 28. Rapes, bombings carjacking. Sweden has the highest fatality rate in Europe. It has become so bad that Swedish women have taken to dying their hair black and wearing headscarves.

Poland and Hungary refuse refugees. They want to retain their homogeneity, culture, traditions, language, and religion. All European countries are entitled to this. These small countries do not need migrants, legal or illegal.

No country will benefit from accepting en masse illegal migrants without skills, money, or a work ethic. As they breed and increase in population, these people will transform first-world countries into the third-world shitholes they escaped from.

Danny Mullane

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