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Mondays with Mullane ep16 - The Tribes of Australia

As the recent referendum result showed. The stupid. Racist dickheads, chicken littles, voted overwhelmingly no. The elite lefty latte-sippers were devastated. The tribes combined to achieve this excellent result.

WARNING: The Following Article is an Opinion Piece written by The Anonymous Author Mullane. This article respresents his views and not that of The Anonymous Publishing House. Free speech as well as freedom of expression and opinion are a fundimental and natural right for all. Censorship will only ever silence the truth and in the persuit of free speech there may be times where you read words objectionable to you and your beliefs. Either contest and debate the opinions expressed, or skip to the next article/video.

We might not agree with the words written below, but we will fight til our last breath for the authors rights to say them.

As the recent referendum result showed. The stupid. Racist dickheads, chicken littles, voted overwhelmingly no. The elite lefty latte-sippers were devastated. The tribes combined to achieve this excellent result.


These people are the true heart of Australia. They embody the best characteristics. These people were once labelled working-class. This description no longer applies. It is derogatory, left over from British class structures.

To me, these people are the best. They do an apprenticeship, acquire a trade, and work diligently to save for a deposit on a home. Craig meets Kylie, and they marry and have children. At weekends, they mow the lawn, have a Barbie, a few beers and a wine. On Saturdays, they take their children to their sporting events. They volunteer as coaches; flag marshals work in the canteen—an afternoon at the footie cheering on their favourite team. They save for a holiday on the Gold Coast or Bali, Fiji.

They are aspirational. They often start their own business as a plumber, electrician, or hairdresser. They put a deposit on a new dual-cab SUV. This tribe is not interested in the LGBTIQABCXYZ lot or any other woke causes. No, they work hard to pay off the mortgage and create a better life for their families. They know their parents experienced hardships.

These people are often second or third-generation children of migrants. They appreciate what is on offer through hard work. Any politician underestimating these people does so at the risk of losing elections. These people can see through a bullshiter.


I know all the bleeding hearts will attack me. Oh, these pitiful, deprived people have had a tough life. Where is your compassion? The revolting repugnant housing commission suburbs. The SBS comedy 'Housos' is sanitized; in reality, it's ten times worse. I owned a business in Campbelltown, 90,000 housing commission homes. Melbourne has Dandenong Broadmeadows. Brisbane Logan, Inala. The authorities build these suburbs as far as possible from their cities. Here, they house the dregs of humanity.

The housos all dress the same; the guys wear dirty, stained jeans and thongs or expensive brand new sneakers, most likely shoplifted, a sleeveless top to show off the thousands of dollars spent on tattoos, a mullet haircut and a goatee; in winter a football jumper—also an obligatory beer belly.

The women wear track pants proudly displaying an enormous camel toe. A raggedy singlet top amply displays tattooed tits, and exposing a bra that hasn't been washed for years, or untethered tattooed tits, lets the girls run free—bleached blonde greasy hair. All smoke rollies and are lucky to possess six teeth. Personal hygiene is not a priority.

The males bludge off the women. A woman with five children receives a single mother's pension, more money than an unskilled job. Being a single mother is their career choice. Father's Day in housing commission estates confuses mothers, fathers and children.

Some of these suburbs are the outer suburbs of Auckland. In Campbelltown, Airds is nicknamed Aids. Claymore is nicknamed Clapmore. In Airds, the high school is next door to a juvenile detention centre, allowing for a seamless transition. In Claymore, only the bottle shop remains open; it has armed guards, razor wire steel doors, and a sliding tray to purchase and collect goods. It only sells cheap Bourbon, beer soft drinks and chop-chop tobacco.

A wasteland of urban decay, visible vandalism, streets littered with rubbish, fences adorned with offensive, vulgar graffiti, a society where people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives in squalor, abject misery and hopelessness. The housing commission estates have intergeneral welfare dependency. A vicious cycle of drunkenness drug- taking. Spectacular underachievers, people with no ambition, multiple children, and multiple absentee fathers—the true dregs of humanity.

All these housos with unlimited free time. One of their main activities is hopping on a train to a more salubrious suburb, breaking into people's homes, and stealing cars. Convictions are boasted about, and they rarely receive any jail time. All these dead-shits vote for labor. After all, they now have one of their own as the Prime Minister. The original housing commission homes were established to house the baby boomers and mass migration post the 2nd WW. State governments then found it was a convenient dumping ground to accommodate and separate the shit from a more polite society.


These tribes are less concentrated and can reside in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast. Pockets are located in 'The Shire' in Southern Sydney—the local member Scott Morrison. These people are multi-millionaires, some billionaires, mostly 'Nouveau Riche.' They are ostentatious, flaunting their wealth through designer attire and expensive jewellery. These people wear a $2000 Gucci T/Shirt and $3000 Versace sunglasses to their letterbox. These people reside in mega-mansions or penthouses. They holiday in France, Northern Italy or the Swiss Alps.

They drive German vehicles and Italian sports cars. To observe a man in his 50s and 60s with a fake sun tan, dyed hair or a wig endeavouring to squeeze his obese body into a low-slung Ferrari is a humourous spectacle. You witness him winch and grimace in agony as he crushes his ancient, sagging testicles, squeezing into this limited space—these successful men in business or inherited wealth. Take on mid-life crises and often dump the first wife for a trophy wife and spend thousands on elocution lessons and surgery to cover up a tattoo on the new bride. To impress the new younger wife, these middle-aged ego maniacs endeavour to transform their ancient discrepant bodies into Adonis, the eternal youthful God of beauty and desire. They torture themselves with gym workouts. Obtain hair transplants and teeth veneers. They overdose on Botox. They wear designer outfits more suited to a mincing homosexual model than an aging lothario. They pop blue pills to achieve a Viagra-induced hard-on, like a guy in a bar eating peanuts.

TV reality shows showcase this decadent, depraved, useless lifestyle, such as The Real Housewives of Sydney or Melbourne. These middle-aged women were discarded for younger ones. Having received a substantial divorce settlement, They enthusiastically embrace their newfound freedom. First, a trip to the plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck, bolt-on boobs, and a facelift. Lip fillers result in their lips resembling a chimpanzee's arse. Some women have had multiple facelifts resulting in their vaginas being situated under their chin. While on the subject of vaginas, some go for designer vaginas; labia reduction and a tighten-up must keep the young gigolo impressed. No, loose women.

These people attend the races in the members' stand, the women sporting expensive designer outfits, killer high-heeled shoes, handcrafted millinery, a Hermes handbag on one arm, and a young, handsome, well-dressed male on the other. They flaunt their newly acquired massive manufactured mammaries, bursting out of inadequate bras. The men front up with the new wife decked out to the nines. These men wear expensive suits sans socks.

Before it culminates in divorce, these people enjoyed vigorous sex lives, Just not with each other. They hold semi-formal dinner parties. The main topic is how much money they have made. What private schools do their children attend? Should they purchase a Ferrari or a Lamborgini? Their last overseas holiday. They show off and boast about how much their new designer dog cost. These people attend charity auctions and Liberal Party functions and are generous benefactors.


The aspiring middle-class, although I'm not too fond of that label. These people in Sydney reside on the North Shore, St Ives, Pymble, and Warringrah. In Melbourne Balwyn, Malvern, In Brisbane Chappel Hill, Indooroopilly. Towong These people are professionals, doctors, dentists, solicitors, and accountants; most are university-educated. Their children attend Christian-owned private schools. They drive Japanese SUVs, a Lexus or small German cars; however, their favourite mode of transport is a Volvo. They are rapidly being replaced with a Tesla.

These people have undergone a successful charisma by-pass operation. They lead boring, mundane lives. They dress in conservative clothes, with no jeans or thongs. The women favour a skirt and a twin set offset with a string of pearls. These people are often members of a Pentecostal church and are regular attendees. In the past, many would have been members of a Masonic Lodge.

The most exciting event is dressing up in lycra, riding a bike that costs the same as a small Chinese car, annoying the shit out of motorists, and being abused. Their homes and gardens are pristine inside and out. Both husbands and wives are local golf club members and play regularly. These people voted for the teals at the last federal election. The Liberals lost safe seats. The teal's primarily middle-aged women, devoid of any sexual attraction, are backed by billionaires with substantial investments in renewable energy companies.

These people support increased refugee intakes and want to abolish offshore detention centres. Would they still retain these thoughts if a Sudense family of ten moved in next door? I don't think so; their progressive ideas are only on the basis these refugees are housed in the far distant Western Suburbs. An area they most likely have never ventured to, preferring to stay safe with the retired religious and retarded. When or if you meet them, they have a handshake like a dead fish. You become consumed with how the fuck can I escape; being in their company, it is painful. However, they are harmless.


These people inhabit tiny, tarted-up terrace homes. They possess a useless university degree in the arts or ancient Greek philosophy. They are entirely non-discriminatory. The fact is they hate everyone. They practice diversity as a quasi-religion, and their circle of friends include obligatory homosexual and lesbian couples, a trans person, nonbinary and persons of colour. They are vegan and vegetarian. They drink cheap cask wine. Their clothes are sourced from St Vincent De Paul or the Lifeline boutique. The males have beards and unkempt long hair, and the females are sans makeup and display multiple facial piercings. A bicycle or public transport is their preferred option for transport, occasionally indulging in an Uber. They want all fossil fuels banned and all mining closed down. They detest all sports but advocate for males to be allowed to participate in women's sports.

These people support some radical political causes. They are pro-abortion and don't have a problem with children being mutilated in the trans phenomenon; to them, it's fashionable. They want drugs decriminalized. These inner-city elites, latte-sipping chardonnay socialists, these boring, joyless Marxists despise the people residing in the Western Suburbs in their McMansions. They hate the fact persons without a university degree earn more than them, accumulate wealth and drive dirty diesel SUVs and a V8 Mustang.

For their recreation, they engage in sexual orgies, and most are bisexual, drinking sessions and the wacky backy. They plan and plot their next demonstration against the evil capitalist establishment. They work as academics at universities, the GAYBC, or in Marxist bookshops. Their children are home-schooled and are allowed to choose their gender. These wacky, woke wankers are the most dangerous. The biggest threat is the Labor Party and, to a lesser degree, the Liberals courting these degenerates for votes; they are wasting their time. These lunatics vote for fellow lunatics, The Greens.

In summation, of course, this is not all the people of Australia; some are hard to categorize. Newly arrived migrants, for example, do not fit these stereotypes. However, one day, their children or grandchildren may join one of these groups. We should be grateful that we live in a democracy where we can possess different political views. However, we must be diligent that governments do not change our right to think differently.

Danny Mullane

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