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Anonymous Publishing House Joins The Small Press Network

A Milestone Achievement for Independent Publishing

In a significant development, Anonymous Publishing House has been accepted into The Small Press Network (SPN), a prestigious organization that represents independent publishers across Australia and New Zealand. This marks a crucial milestone for the publishing house, which is dedicated to amplifying unique and underrepresented voices.

The Small Press Network is committed to building a community of independent publishers by providing essential resources, hosting events, and encouraging collaboration among its members. A notable feature of SPN is the SPN Book of the Year Award, an annual honor that recognizes authorial and publishing excellence by small and independent publishers. Membership in this network not only grants access to valuable resources and a supportive community but also provides an opportunity for authors to gain recognition on a broader platform.

The inclusion of Anonymous Publishing House in SPN aligns with its mission to support emerging authors and innovative literature. As a member of SPN, the publishing house will have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources that will aid in its growth and enable it to better serve its authors and readers. Additionally, it will have the opportunity to collaborate with other independent publishers, exchange ideas, and learn from their experiences.

This membership underscores Anonymous Publishing House's commitment to supporting the independent publishing industry and its dedication to bringing diverse and impactful literature to readers worldwide.

The team at Anonymous Publishing House expresses its gratitude for this opportunity and looks forward to both contributing to and benefiting from the SPN community. This development signifies a bright future for Anonymous Publishing House and its authors.

To Purchase any of their books, please follow the links below:

For media inquiries, please contact:

UK - 020 3404 2295

USA - 0650 278 4440

AUS - 02 9072 9499


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