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Victorian Literary Award for Anonymous Author Mullane

"Car Dealers & Other Professions" by Anonymous Author Mullane Nominated for the Prestigious Victorian Literary Award

In a significant literary development, the memoir "Car Dealers & Other Professions" penned by the enigmatic Anonymous Author Mullane has been nominated for the esteemed Victorian Literary Award. This recognition is a testament to the book's gripping narrative, which offers readers a deep dive into the tumultuous life of its author.

The Anonymous Author Mullane, often described as an Australian legend, presents a memoir that is both a tale of contrasts and contradictions. Born and raised in Sydney, Mullane's life story is nothing short of cinematic. From being embroiled in organized crime and corruption to owning Queensland's most successful gay bar, his journey is a roller-coaster of emotions, challenges, and triumphs.

One of the most riveting aspects of the memoir is Mullane's candid account of his encounters with danger. He writes, "I was shot, stabbed, bashed, glassed, and car firebombed. Yet, 'I’m still breathing.'" Such raw and unfiltered anecdotes make the book a compelling read, offering a unique blend of humor, suspense, and introspection.

The memoir also provides a vivid portrayal of the era spanning from the 1960s to the 2000s. It was a time when car dealerships were not just about selling vehicles but also became hubs for drugs and illicit activities. Mullane sheds light on the rampant bribery and corruption that plagued the industry, stating, "NSW state had the finest police force money could buy." He also touches upon the widespread corruption in horse racing, where almost everyone except the punter and sometimes the owner knew the winner.

Despite the tumultuous episodes, Mullane's narrative is not devoid of introspection. He candidly admits, "I apologise for my errant ways, it's not who I am; it's what I did." This self-awareness adds depth to the memoir, making it relatable to readers who have faced their own set of challenges and emerged stronger.

The nomination of "Car Dealers & Other Professions" for the Victorian Literary Award is a recognition of the book's literary merit and its ability to resonate with a wide audience. The memoir's unique storytelling, combined with Mullane's distinctive voice, makes it a standout in contemporary literature.

As the literary world eagerly awaits the announcement of the award winners, there's no doubt that the Anonymous Author Mullane's memoir has already carved a niche for itself. Whether or not it clinches the award, the book is bound to leave an indelible mark on its readers.

For those interested in delving into this captivating memoir, "Car Dealers & Other Professions" is available for purchase below.

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